06 March 2010


Wouldn't it be amazing if we all were able to deliberately create our life exactly as we wanted it to be? If each day we consciously and powerfully lived our lives by design. We woke up every morning excited and eager as we knew we had an opportunity to create ourselves anew. We could choose what we wanted to experience, what we wanted to do, how we wanted to act and who we wanted to be. And we would know, that by simply choosing it, our life experience would become it.

Believe it or not, but this is how life is meant to be. This is how it has been designed. We have a beautiful universe set up just waiting for us to give it commands so that it can begin to arrange itself around our desires and have them manifest in physical form.

The problem is, that as part of our journey of life, we have forgotten this great truth. We have forgotten our power. We have picked up messages through our life which have taught us otherwise. We have come to believe that life is hard, that we don't always get what we want, and that things don't always go our way.

We have started giving the universe mixed messages or the wrong messages. Rather than deliberately deciding how we want to think, feel or act, we end up creating by default. We either spend our day reacting to what is happening and just giving all of our energy to what we see going on around us, or we spend all our time in the past or future either replaying old memories or forseeing things we don't want coming to us.

The ability to create a life you love, comes from taking your thoughts off autopilot and beginning to choose them deliberately based on how they feel and if they are in line with what you want to create.

I believe it is my purpose in life to help people reconnect with the power they have inside of themselves, and to remember how life is truly meant to be lived. We are powerful creators who have come here to experience joy and live in a world where we can dream something in our minds and then see it manifest in to our physical world around us.

So, how can we reclaim our ability to create our life as we want it to be? Well, there are lots of ways! But here are a few starting points, and things that I believe are the foundations to living life as a deliberate creator.

1. Learn the Art of Contentment

  • It is important to create from a place of contentment, rather than a place of neediness
  • If you create something from a place of lack or from the energy that something is missing or that you are incomplete without a certain thing, then you will only continue to create more of the 'not having it.'
  • Your true essence is perfect, whole and complete. You are missing nothing. It is only your ego or fearful voice that focuses on lack or on not having/being enough.
  • You must learn to feel good where you are. Notice what is good in your life. Focus on what you already have. Learn to feel complete and content with what you already have.
  • Then, when you desire something new, create from a place of eagerness and excitement. Still love where you are, and desire this new thing simply because the idea of having it, being it or doing it feels really good to you. Don't try to create it because you think you need it to be happy.
  • If you feel attached, clingy, anxious or needy about what you are trying to create you are in fact pushing it away.
2. Listen to the Voice of Love
  • You are always going to have 2 different voices trying to guide you in life.
  • One is the voice of love. This is the voice of your inner wisdom. It is who you really are. It is the voice of truth. It is positive, empowering, supportive and uplifting.
  • The other is the voice of fear. It is the voice of your ego and the identity you have formed in this lifetime. This voice attempts to keep you safe and limited. It will tell you all the reasons why you can't do what you want, have what you want or be what you want. It focuses on lack and limitation.
  • When creating something new in your life, you must only listen to the voice of love.
  • You must seek out this voice. Listen for it and align with it. Take on what it says and believe it to be true.
  • To create what you want, your thoughts, beliefs and feelings must all support and be in line with your desire.
  • Any thoughts that are fearful, doubting, unsupportive, negative or limiting will block you from what you want.
  • You loving voice will be your inner cheerleader. It will say "You can do it" "You have all the skills you need" "You deserve it" "It is possible" "It is already yours" "You can be, do or have anything you want."
  • Listen to this voice, and this voice only, and you will be able to create exactly what you want in life.
3. Choose to Feel Good
  • Make feeling good each day top priority.
  • When you are feeling good, you are giving off a positive energy which draws more people, experiences, circumstances and events that will make you feel good.
  • When you feel good, you are able to live as a deliberate creator and draw to you what you desire.
  • Feel good NOW, don't wait for something to change before you allow yourself to be happy.
  • Appreciate what you already have in your life that is wonderful.
  • Notice and appreciate the small things.
  • Give thanks each day for the simple fact that you are living on this beautiful planet and experiencing the magical wonder of life.
  • Choose to respond in positive ways to events in your life, rather than automatically reacting in a negative way. Choose to see the blessing in everything that happens to you.
  • Tell positive, loving stories about you and your life.
  • See the glass as half full.
  • Tune your attention to the best in every person and every experience.
  • Be generous. Be of service. Spread love through the world.
  • Listen to your heart, not your head.
  • Accept life unconditionally and just say YES to whatever comes to you.
  • Trust and relax.
  • Let go and go with the flow.
  • Do things that bring you joy. Smile. Laugh. Kiss. Play. Hug. Dance.
Now is the time for each of us to all reclaim the power of deliberate creation and live our dream life.


  1. the more difficult question is,'how do we do that?'.

  2. Just clicked print! Posting this up on my desk at home!

    Thank you.


    Hannah Katy

  3. This is fabulous! And I am amazed to find someone who thinks so much the way I do. I think we've read some of the same books! ;) Way to go with the blog - what a wonderful life mission you have!



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