11 March 2010


Since starting my blog, I have had some amazing experiences. One of the things that has overwhelmed me the most, is the wonderful connections I have had with like minded people all over the world. There is an incredible power that writing has in bringing people together and helping us each understand the experiences and lives of others.

As a result, I have began to attract some truly beautiful people in to my life. These people are not only responding with positivity and support to what I am writing, but are also acting as teachers for me on my learning path of life.

One of those people is Mademoiselle Deva. Her blog is both beautiful and uplifting and is filled with gorgeous images and lovely words. She was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to contribute to her blog and write an entry for her Sunday Guest Post.

I wanted to use the opportunity to spread some happy and inspirational messages to all her readers. So, check out mademoiselle deva's blog, and my post titled Create a Beautiful Life!

Enjoy x


  1. How cool that you got asked to do a guest blog. I just went over and read it. It was very inspiring. Thanks for spreading so much love! XO

  2. Yes I was very excited and honoured! Thanks for taking the time to check it out x

  3. Connie, remember I said earlier that I felt more people need to be exposed to your blog? I was immediately affected by your writing, and I think my readers would be too. Therefore I'd be honoured if you'd write a guest post for me.

  4. Thank you Barry. I would absolutely love too! I will email you over the weekend and we can discuss it all further.



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