29 May 2012


I believe we are coming in to a time where we are each individually being called to open our hearts. We are learning how to start letting love lead the way in our life.

I have been experiencing this first hand. The areas of my life that I have been pouring love in to have started to blossom and flourish. There is flow, effortlessness and magic. While the areas where I am finding myself still making head-based decisions, and doing things out of obligation, are becoming increasingly difficult. They are crumbling. They are falling apart. They are simply ceasing to work.

For many of us, our minds run our lives. Our decisions are made rationally. Our life path is chosen strategically. Our possibilities are determined logically.

For those of us living this way, the little voice of our heart has consequently been neglected. It has been stifled. It has been ignored. As a result, the energy in our heart has closed down. It's light has not been able to shine. It's love has not been able to be expressed. 

For each of us this has happened in various degrees. Some of us live completely driven by our heads without even any knowledge of the fact that our heart is trying to lead us elsewhere. While others of us, who have allowed their heart to lead the way, may be influenced by their head to a lesser degree.

As a society in general, the intuitive, spontaneous and joyful energy of the heart has been suppressed and many of us have lost complete connection with it all together. 


+ Make heart-felt decisions
Can you tell the difference between a decision made from your heart, and a decision made from your head? You can tell by the way you feel. The decisions I make from my heart create a feeling of softness, expansion, lightness and a gentle happiness in my body. I feel this energy in my chest. When my decisions come from my head there is a slight feeling of force to them, there is tension, and a flutter of anxiety or stress. I feel this energy in my head, and behind my eyes.

When you make decisions from the heart, you are making a decision that is driven by love. The actions that flow from these decisions will lead to more love, fulfilment, openness, fullness aliveness and joy. You are making decisions driven by your own true happiness. There are no ulterior motives, there is no one to please, their is no external reward to gain. You are simply choosing to express and experience more love in each moment.

+ Be from the heart
What does this mean? It means changing who you are being. Come from a different place. Have a different intention behind all you do. Show different parts of yourself. Find out who you really are, and do whatever you can to express it. To be from the heart, means to;

Be vulnerable
Be true to yourself
Be authentic
Be seen
Be who you really are
Be real

+ Practice heart meditation
I have used this form of meditation at various times of my life where I have been getting too stuck in my head. It works.

Simply sit still with your eyes close and allow yourself to relax. As you are breathing, begin to visualise that you are actually breathing in and out of your heart space. Your breathe is moving in and out of your heart. It is up to you if you want to see colours, but I like to breathe in white light and breathe out a soft pink light. As you breathe in, see this beautiful light filling up your whole chest, and your whole body. As you breathe out, see this beautiful light extending out from your chest and in to the world around you.

+ Do more of what you love
Love the is key that opens your heart. Do what you love and love what you do. Dedicate as much time as you can to doing the things you love. If you cannot change some of your circumstances right now, just start by loving them. Love them as they are.  The more that you pour love in to them, the more that these situations will eventually change to start to reflect more of what you love.

+ Communicate from the heart
Always communicate with love. Think in kind ways. Speak kind words. Have a heart driven intention behind all your interactions with others.

Communicating with love also means being vulnerable. Being willing to tear down the self-imposed barriers we put between ourselves and others. It means dropping all the fake stuff, letting go of the need to please, giving up looking good, and just being you. It is about being authentic.

I recently had to have one of these conversations with my boyfriend. It was an honest, raw conversation. It wasn't necessarily bad, but it was very real. It was a conversation that pushed me to open my heart and communicate authentically about how I was feeling. I had to be honest and vulnerable and communicate my truth. It was a conversation I had been avoiding, as it went against the voice in my head that was trying to rationalise the situation and convince me that I could simply suppress how I was feeling and it would all go away. But my heart continued to call me. It called me to express myself without fear of rejection or judgement. It simply called me to communicate. Really communicate. And really connect.

You cannot have an authentic relationship with someone, be it a lover, a friend or a family member, unless you are willing to be vulnerable.


The only way to open your heart is to let go of all the things that have been keeping it closed. Let go of the resentments. Let go of the jealousy. Let go of the anger. Let go of the hate. Let go of the blame. Let go of the judgement. 

Drop the self-protective, fear-based, self-conscious bullshit.

Let go of it. It is not your truth, and it can no longer exist. There is now a crumbling of that which is not built on love or driven by the heart. Structures not build on truth or authenticity are falling away.

Trust me, you will be well rewarded for your willingness to open your heart. The heart energy is powerful beyond measure. When you allow your heart space to open and trust that it will guide you, you will find that you are lead to levels of happiness and fulfilment that are much grander than anything you can create through your little human head.

+ What practices do you use to open your heart?
+ What amazing things have you experienced as a result of following your heart?


  1. Great Post Connie! Perfectly relevant as usual. Thank you for encouraging such authenticity!

    1. My pleasure Claire Marie. I believe authenticity is the key to a happy and fulfilling life! So happy you enjoyed the post xx

  2. Yay Connie! I love how you always bring back the truth with what you say. This business of following the heart is something I'm really focussing on integrating into my own life at the moment. I've lived a large part of my life not aware that the mind and heart were two different things - so I'll vouch that is has its challenges! Especially when the same old blah stories pop up and seem to take over. The biggest gift I've been given is to realise that negativity and limiting beliefs are basically just ghosts living within you. They'll never fully go away, but as soon as we look at them for what they are and tell them kindly to take a hike back home it seems love just comes shining on in. To be able to see the ghosts for what they are I practice a mindfulness meditation for 10 minutes every morning. It strengthens the awareness, you can see thoughts just as thoughts, feelings just as feelings etc. You are the observer. & no one else can feel what you feel - everything happening inside you good or bad is your own experience. So why wouldnt you want to tell the baddies to pipe down. Since practicing mindfulness I am more present, aware and drawn to goodness within my life. I hope everyone who reads your posts get the same experience I do and get the pointers right back to the heart. Love it x

    1. I so agree with you! I have found meditation to be one of the most beneficial practices in bringing my self out of my head and back in to my heart space. As you say, the initial lesson is all about learning the difference and between the 2 and then realising that only thoughts driven by the heart and by love are real. All we need to do is learn to turn down that fearful voice so that we can tune in to our truth. Thank you for your gorgeous comment sweetheart xx

  3. Connie, I always get such a beautiful energy from you! I absolutely love reading your posts.
    Did you undertake any study to be a life coach or do you just apply everything you have learnt in your life?

    1. Thank you sweetheart! I am currently completing training to become a life coach, but most of what I write about here has come from my own personal learnings and journey. I have pulled together wisdom from years of personal study - reading books, following teachers as well as life coach training. But most of what I write here simply comes from inside me. It is my inner wisdom that flows through me when I write, and I believe this is something we all have inside of us. We just have to learn how to tune in to it xx

  4. Beautiful post Connie <3

    I'm all for living from the heart, and I've been trying to do it much more often myself lately. It feels so good to trust my intuition and listen to what my heart wants. It does mean that I have to be vulnerable, and this doesn't always feel easy. But there's a difference between anxiety and excitement. The difference between living from my heart and living from my head is in identifying whether the flutter of butterflies I feel is caused by fear or a thrilling anticipation of what's to come.

  5. Thank you Rebecca! I love the distinction you make between anxiety and excitement. I actually find it challenging to tell the difference between the 2 of them too sometimes! You are exactly right that the one is driven by fear and by our minds which is afraid of failing/not being loved/not being good enough, and the other is driven by love and our hearts, which fills us with excitement when it knows we are on the verge of doing and becoming more than we previously have been. Thank you for your beautiful and insightful comment xx



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