02 January 2013


Hello 2013!

I love the freshness of a new year. I know January 1st really is just another day, but to me it always feels so sparkly and clean. Like that first page of bare white paper in a new journal. It is a blank canvas ready and waiting for creation.

New years are always phenomenal opportunities for new beginnings. But is it just me, or does 2013 feel even more so? Everywhere I look I see beautiful sparkly little souls stepping up to shine their light. New websites. New projects. New ideas. New ventures. I freakin' love it.

I am seeing it in my clients too. I have lost count of how many of my current mind-blowingly amazing clients are either leaving jobs, starting business, launching blogs, starting new training courses, creating new health regimes and totally and utterly carving out brand new lives for themselves in 2013. I am like a proud little mumma hen when I see my gorgeous clients taking these huge steps, and I tell you what it is incredibly inspiring.

2013 is definitely a brand new squeaky clean beginning for me too. 

My 2012 was a lot about laying foundations. Shedding what was not authentically me. Stepping in to my power. Letting go. Healing. Releasing. Learning. Growing.

Upon reflection, I realised that most of what happened in 2012 was actually all about preparing me for 2013 - The year were everything is going to go to a whole new level.

In order to avoid a chronic case of paralysing overwhelm, I am working at taking this year month by month. Right now my focus is squarely on the beautiful month of January: my month of new beginnings.


For me, this month is about launching the new. Launching new ideas, new projects, a new website, a new e book, new coaching programs. Yep, it is all brand new. 

I have so much stuff in the pipeline at the moment that it is ridiculous. All of my little projects are being lovingly chipped away at and will soon be coming to fruition. All of the seeds have been planted, and through January you will start to see the evidence of new little seedlings bursting forth. 

I wish I could reveal more of it all to you now, but I kind of want to keep it under wraps until it is ready. But please do know that I am working my little heart out behind the scenes pulling together some new beautiful gifts for all of you.

I am however, going to be doing some mini-reveals over the next few weeks, giving you some sneak peeks in to what I am creating. I will be giving you the lo down + deets about;

+ My very first e book
+ My new website (+ the story behind why it has been so many looong months in the making)
+ 3 exciting new coaching programs I am offering
+ What is going to happen to a life of perfect days once my new site is launched (do not worry sweet pea, I have grand plans for this gorgeous little site)

2013 really is going to be one juicy year. In fact, I think it is going to phenomenal.

There is an unbelievably powerful energy in the air right now. Something shifted in that moment that 2012 clicked over to 2013. 

When I woke up on the morning of 2013 things were different. I felt different. My energy had shifted. I had this whole new sense of clarity that I had been seeking for months. 

I felt renewed. Aligned. Ready.

There is definitely something magical about 2013, so l recommend you harness the power of the universe that surrounds you and make something of it. 


Why not make January your month of new beginnings too? 

+ What would you love to start, commence or launch in January?

Share it with me below.

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  1. Oh my goodness, m'dear! What a beautifully uplifting post to start the day - and the year! Thank you...

    I know what you mean: I feel like everything that happened in 2012 was the training ground for the marvellous year that will be 2013 - I can feel it! I know I want this new year to be one of the most bangin', happenin', and flippin' awesome times of my life...and I'm going to make it happen, each and every day!

    My goal for this month (and indeed, all of 2013) is to start achieving more balance in all areas of my life - body, spirit, mind, work, home, uni, health, travel, finances, blogging, etc. I have been travelling the world for the last 6 months, and whilst they were the greatest of my life, it has taken a toll on me.

    Now that I've found the real me and figured out who I am through my travels, I want to find a way to integrate that spirit into my world at home - a sort of ying/yang between being the independent wandering adventurer I've become (and love!), and a content, aligned and stable GC girl with uni, work, and financial commitments...and a whole lotta' joy and spirit inside her!

    I want to meet and make new, inspiring, uplifting, like-minded friends; I want to re-connect with my oldest and dearest mates who I missed greatly in my travels; I want to bask in the sunlight and get my body back to where it was before I moved to Canada (living in -10 temps is not good for a GC girl, lol!); I want to feel as content and blissed out as I do now, on my own, every day...I never want to lose who I have become, even if I have had to pack away my passport and backpack for the time being.

    In short, I need to strike a balance and get myself sorted - yikes!

    Connie, thanks again for all your beautiful words of inspiration in 2012 - you were a huge source of strength and joy for me - and I hope we can continue to build upon this in 2013. You are a star, my dear, an absolute gem of a soul!

    All my love + joy + gratitude,

    Shanny xo

    1. Shanny, wow you have some wonderful things in store for 2013! It sounds like your 6 months of travelling was a amazing experience and has brought you to a really beautiful place in your self. As you find your feet back in the GC I have now doubt you will be able to regain your balance and totally blossom.

      Thank you for all of your gorgeous, sweet words too. That warms my little heart and brings a big smile to my face.

      Wishing you an absolutely magical 2013 darling xx

  2. I love this! I totally get and love the feeling of a sparkly brand new year! I can't wait to see what you have in store.

    My visions and dreams are also little seedlings at the moment and I have a few ideas too (like relaunch/design of my blog and hopefully enrollment in some great courses!). 2012 was a big one in terms of change for me and I'm starting to see what lies in store. So am excited :D

    1. Hi Sig, that all sounds really exciting! I definitely agree that 2012 was a big year of change but that it created a lot of opportunity to discover what we really want. I look forward to seeing your little seedlings blossom throughout 2013 x

  3. Holy Moly! I'm so excited for you Connie. You're seriously going to ROCK 2013! I totally agree that 2012 was the year for laying foundations. I wanted to make sure that I was beginning the New Year with nothing left undone and so over Christmas I told so many family and friends my intentions for the coming year. I've started my Diploma in Life Coaching and I've shared my blog with more and more people - even those that I thought wouldn't get it. It feel liberating that I'm no longer hiding behind anything. This year is about bringing my dreams to fruition. That 'Perfect Day' that you had me write down is going to happen :) Even if it requires a few tweaks ;) I'm ushering in more love, connections, inspiration, and a a belly full of motivation! Happy New Year darling, I hope we knock this one out of the park! xxx

    1. Jenn I am so excited for you too! It is so awesome to hear that you have started your Life Coach training. You will be an absolutely kick-ass coach. And I have no doubt your 'perfect day' will become a reality before you know it. 2013 is definitely going to be amazing, and I cannot wait to see what wonderful things you create xx

  4. WOWSERS! eBooks, programs and a new website? Girl, you're gonna kill it! Hello 2013. Connie says BOOM.

    1. Aww thanks Kate!! You freakin' rock. I have no doubt you are absolutely going to kill it in 2013 too xx

  5. Thank you Connie for being so uplifting and inspirational. I'm excited to hear more about your website and your new book. I learnt in 2012 to be calm and less stressed, I slowed down and let the world keep turning without me rushing along with it and nothing bad happened. Since slowing down I've achieved more. I've set a few fitness goals, possibly to offset the baking that I love to do. I'm feeling a little split personality, half indulgent dessert queen and half fitness nut. So just working through that will be my goal. Finding balance and continue raising my kids as well as I can.

    Thank you its was actually refreshing just to type that out. I love receiving your emails and can't wait to see what's in store for you in the next year.

    1. Sally I love what you said about how you slowed down and although the world keep rushing around you, it didn't affect you. It is so easy to become stressed when there is alot going on, but I agree that finding your centre and living from that place is the key to success.

      WIshing you a phenomenal and bliss-filled 2013 xx

  6. Hi Connie! Nice Name!
    Thank you for the inspiration. For me, I would like to deepen my relationship with God and learn to more clearly understand my purpose. I look forward to collaborating with you so that I can more effectively do this!

  7. Hi Connie.
    2012 has been a difficult year for me. I struggled for a long time with an eating disorder which caused me to lose myself in too many ways. I lost so much confidence in myself and turned to drugs and alcohol to try to ease things. I found myself infront of a judge and in more than one compromising position. I lost my place on my course and the support of the people I had held closest to my heart. My friends and my family, worst of all my mother and my sister who were my bestfriends as well. Its been a long and difficult journey. On december 24 I was discharged from the eating disorders services in hospital after months on end of counseling. 2013 is for new beginings. I finally have the chance I never thought I'd get to recreate myself as the person I want to be. To be able to love and support the people I care about and rebuild a true and honest relationship with my parents. Thank you for that little bit of extra encouragement and inspiration. I look forward to reading many more of your posts. xx

  8. Hi Connie!!
    I love the way you inspire me with your words and your strength!

    Happy new January :)

  9. I absolutely love your blog, it has inspired me to be more creative and make time every day to relax and indulge in myself. You've really motivated me to start a blog myself, so I have - it's my NY Resolution for 2013, and so far I love it! I look forward to seeing what 2013 has in store for you, you can depend on me to keep coming back to your blog for inspiration, motivation and strength!




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