30 January 2013


For those of you who read my blog regularly you would have noticed that for the past few months I have been banging on about the elusive new website, e book and brand that I am apparently launching. Yes, I have been talking about it for a while and I am well aware that you are yet to see much evidence of it. 

But, that is all about to change!

I am excited to share that my new website is currently in the throws of being built. Yipee! And I have spent most of today writing the content for it. Double yipee! 

And not only will you be graced with a sparkling new website, but there is a super delicious and absolutely FREE e book waiting for you too! Woo hoo.

Yes, it is all finally happening and I am beyond thrilled. 

So, in my next post I will be making 2 new announcements!

1) I will be giving you all the details about my free e book and how you can get your hands on it

2) I will be sharing with you the name of my new website and also when you can expect to it see it live

But before that, I thought I would share with you why it has taken so damn long.


Have you ever had an outcome in mind of something you want and you have tried to get it happening, taken every action under the sun and thrown everything you have at it, yet it still does not seem to be progressing?


Have you ever had a delicious creative idea bubble forth in your mind, and so you rush eagerly to your notepad or computer to start creating it, yet no matter how hard you try you cannot seem to get it to look like the image in your mind?


Have you ever experienced road blocks, dead ends, shut downs, doors being slammed in your face, rejections and no matter how hard you try nothing seems to work?

Well, in the process of creating my new website I experienced all of that 
and more!

And it took several Universal hits over the head before I finally got the message. I am a Taurean so I will admit I have a tendency to be strong minded, stubborn and at times a bit inflexible. So, yes in this case it took me a little while to pick up on what the Universe was putting down.

But one day, I had a light-bulb moment.

I realised was trying so hard to make things to 'my way', go according to 'my plan', and look the way 'I wanted' it to, that I completely lost sight of the fact that my inner guidance was calling me in a completely different direction.

And so, late last year I decided enough was enough. I simply decided to stop. 

I stopped trying. I stopped forcing. I stopped trying to figure it all out. I stopped pushing. 

I paused the design process. I stopped contacting web designers. I stopped trying to squeeze out creative ideas. And I stopped looking to other websites for inspiration. In fact, I stopped focusing on the development of my website altogether.


So, for most of December I simply let go. I surrendered. 

I realised my way was not working and I became willing to see another way. I decided to turn my attention inwards. To listen. To find my inspiration inside of me. To hear my inner guidance. To tune in to the divine plan.

While nothing dramatic happened initially, the one thing I did notice was that I began to feel better. And one of the key aspects to getting in to flow, is to release whatever is blocking you from feeling good.

And so, that is what I did. I let go and I felt good. And then in the final week of December something magical happened. Everything suddenly began to move again. 

Ideas came together. Inspiration bubbled forth. Clarity rose to the surface. Action's produced brilliant results. Cooperative relationships evolved. Things started flowing. I started making progress. Effortlessly and joyfully. 

And as a result, a deliciously beautiful website, and oh-so-juicy ebook is on it's way to you. And all of it has been created with total and utter flow.


So, if you are experiencing any aspects of what I mentioned above, here is your 5 step prescription for getting back in the flow.

1. Stop doing.

2. Sit down.

3. Be quiet.

4. Let go.

5. Listen.

And that is all.

It really is so simple. And the minute you start doing this, I promise you that everything will begin to flow again. 

Can you relate to my story? If so, I would love for you to leave a comment below

+ Do you sometimes try to force things go your way?
+ And when you do, how do you get yourself back in flow?

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  1. Oh I couldn't relate more Connie! Lately I've been putting myself under a lot of (inward, invisible) pressure about a new project. And a few days ago I just realized the nonsense of feeling bad about something that I was supposedly voluntarily choosing. I postponed it all and was trying to "breathe", althought it still feels a bit like a failure. Have to be sweeter on myself! Thank you so much for your advice. Sweet regards, VerĂ³nica.

  2. Firstly, so excited for you Connie! This is all incredibly amazing and exciting. A great example of how some 'blockages' are actually there so you can proceed in the direction and pace that is right for you.

    I started this month with an surge of creative energy, so much so that I couldn't keep up with my racing thoughts or put many of the amazing ideas into action. However, recently traction began to halt. I started to feel disappointed with myself. Ideas whirled incessantly in my mind, driving me a little nuts. Then fear started to creep back in. I know I should not be fearful of expressing my authentic self in any which way but living this practice on a higher level has been such a daunting concept that I've found myself deliberating and procrastinating...out of fear.

    I'm reading some Eckhart Tolle, then on to May Cause Miracles :)
    And continuing to self-care in the gentlest possible ways.


  3. Yes!! I am only just learning to stop, surrender and let things just happen as they should. As soon as I loosen the grasp of what I want and the attachment of the outcome, everything flows, I am happier and the results are so much more than what I could've imagined.

  4. I am a Taurus too and we can be stubborn and inflexible at times!! Sometimes I just can't see why a certain thing isn't happening in the way that I thought it would! I love the 5 steps you suggest Connie. Probably the biggest one is letting go - sometimes I just don't know where to begin to let go of the situation or feeling. But when you do let go and allow it to 'just be' everything does eventually fall into place - we just have to be patient - no matter how much we want to hurry the process up!

  5. Hello. This week I spoke with my partners because I wanted to leave our company. It wasn’t an easy decision to make after more than 2 years working a lot. I felt a little “disoriented” so I went to the beach this morning and I asked for help, for a sign. When I returned I had this post at my inbox :).
    Tanks for your message. Now I feel better, more calm and confident. I've already stopped doing. I will"Sit down, Be quiet, Let go... and listen". ;) **

  6. I completely understand. Sometimes we are so focused that we forget the natural flow of things. I am so happy that you are launching an e-book and new website. I know it will be superb. Stay being Fabulous!

  7. Yes! I started looking for a house for my boyfriend and I because our current place is too tiny for us and it seems I could not find anything I liked in my price range and when I did someone would get the place before me. Or something else would happen to stop the process. So I stopped doing anything and took a break from it. I felt much better and have picked up the search again knowing there is no rush and panic or worrying about finding the perfect place does not make me happy. It will happen when it happens.

  8. Love this, so so true!! I've been struggling with similar blocks my dear, but its time to stop, reflect the ACT.

    Thanks for the motivational start to the day :-)


  9. Fab post Connie! Perfect timing too :) I've been pushing way too hard recently. I haven't been listening to my guidance and so the decision was taken out of my hands by my body - I got sick at the weekend. I lay in bed and totally relaxed and as a result the magic started to happen. I got clear visions, new ideas and could feel the inspiration pouring in. I feel a million times better now - I won't be waiting on getting sick next time though, I'll be stopping and letting go. Thank you for a lovely post and good luck with your website and ebook launch - exciting times :) xxx

  10. I struggle with this a lot with my weight. After being consumed with an eating disorder for about 5 years I finally understood that I needed to let go and simply eat when I was hungry. For a year and a half I have basically followed this ideology and eating enough allowed me to stop obsessing about food and I lost about twenty pounds. However, I recently got my heart broken by a guy with whom I was not ready to have the relationship end. I've been really sad for the past month and I've gained a bit of weight as a result of some emotional eating. I feel like the more I try to fight the weight and lose it, the less likely I am to do so. I definitely needed to hear this message again. It's incredibly difficult for me to feel like I deserve to eat normally when I'm carrying unwanted weight and I feel unworthy and trapped in this mind cycle. But I will be doing my best to let go.

  11. I can't tell you how much I liked this post. Beautiful. Until recently I struggled with road blocks and have learnt the value of letting go. A useful reminder. Thanks! x

  12. This is so beautiful and timely. January has been all about surrender and flow (my word for 2013!). I'm constantly reminding myself "This or something better". Afterall, when we allow God/Universe/Source to create the OUTCOME for us (of course, we first set the intention, take the action, and then surrender) - often the outcome is much more surprising in a good way and wonderous! :)

    I can't wait to see what you come up with. Sending you SO MUCH LOVE and LIGHT and inspiration.

    Mwa! xxx

  13. I loved this post Connie and I really needed to read it! I have been trying to push everything and it feels like trying to get square blocks through circle holes. It's not in my nature to just let go but I am trying and each time I do something small to release, it takes a huge weight off. Thanks for the lovely reminder hun. xx

  14. Hi Connie. My name is Val. I have being there just like you and reading this post today has being sooo liberating. I am also in the process of launching a blog with a free e-book as well (yours sound wonderful by the way) and it has being a very long process and is getting close to the end...but it is taking more time that I was hoping for. Thank's for your suggestions and the reminder to step out and let things take their natural course, I need to do this just right now. xx



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