13 February 2013


So, you know there are some changes on the way for this site and my business. I am slowly but surely chipping away at the mountain that is my new website, and it will not be too much longer before it is here.

So, for those of you who are keen for a little update on what you can expect to see and when you can expect to see it, here is the lo down


So, if you have scrolled down to check out my ebook cover below, you would have noticed my new website domain name. Yep, it is conniechapman.com. I am branding under my own name.

The decision to brand under my name OR under a business name was one that tortured me for months. I really wanted to brand under my name, but I was filled with self-doubt. I had spent years  'hiding' behind the blog name a life of perfect days and it felt scary as hell to have to make my brand all about me. Something was really calling me to 'own this' and step up to shine my light, but a part of my was also very afraid of what people would think.

As a result, last year I chose a business name and I was convinced that it was what I was using. I had my designer create logo's around this brand and I put all of my efforts in to creating it. My head was telling me this was the right decision, but my heart wasn't. No matter how beautiful the work she created, it just didn't feel right. I ended up canning this business name and putting all of the design work on hold.

I learnt a huge lesson during this time.

When you follow your heart and your inner guidance things work. Effortlessly. When you ignore it nothing flows, you encounter roadblocks and stuff just doesn't work.

So, after taking a month off from brand planning and simply meditating and turning inwards...

Something seriously magical happened.

I had always had my heart set on the domain name conniechapman.com but another business was already using it.

Randomly, on December 29th 2012 I decided to go and check the site. To my suprise, the site was up for sale! I placed a bid on the site and I woke up on January 1st 2013 with an email notifying me that the site was mine. Done and dusted!

If any of you can relate to my struggle above, I really want to encourage you to tune in to your heart and find what feels right, not just what your head is saying.

I also happened to come across this awesome clip by Marie Forleo today (which I WISH had come to me months ago) in which is gives some advice on this exact topic.


I doing my best to be relaxed about exactly when the site will be ready. I want to avoid going in to pushing or focusing mode. Rather I have decided to set a date for it's launch and to keep my mind focused on that, but to also remain relatively unattached to having the site ready by then.

So, the anticipated launch date will be Friday 22nd February. And along with that the launch of the site, will also be the launch of my free ebook (below).

On a final note, when conniechapman.com launches, I will not be closing down a life of perfect days. I will definitely be less active on this site, but I know many of you still enjoy reading the content on this site. I do have plans for what will happen with alopd in the future, but I will share more about that later.


Woo hoo! Here it is.

I thought I would give you a sneaky peak of the ebook by sharing a copy of the cover with you!

It is called the 12 Step Dream Creator Guide and it a 30+ page guidebook jam packed full of wisdom, worksheets, principles and practices to help you transform your delicious dreams in to rock-solid realities. 

This juicy little resources is totally and utterly FREE and will be my gift to you as part of the launch of the new site. You will be able to get your hot little hands as soon as the site is live.


With the launch of my new site, I will also be launching some new coaching packages and new ways of working with me. I want to make sure that these packages are structured to support you as best as possible and are tailored to what you need.

I recently had an idea for a new type of coaching program, and it is a totally new way of structuring how I work with people. My heart is calling me in the direction of doing it, yet my head is questioning whether or not it would be valuable SO I would love some feedback from you as to whether this would be useful to you.

I share more information about the new program in the vlog below. If you have any thoughts, comments or feedback about it, please so shoot me through an email or leave a comment below.

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  1. thank you, connie, for sharing your knowledge with us... its not everyday that you find someone who does something for others and expects nothing but being read and listened and to be able to help
    thank you, thank you, beautiful soul!
    greetings from mexico!

  2. This is so incredible Connie!! You success is going to sky rocket - you've got such a great message to share, and you're an amazing life coach. Wishing you an abundance of love & luck on the launch of your new site. I can't wait to check out your new e-book too. xx

  3. Congrats Connie! Such an exciting time ahead for you. Well done and enjoy the amazing ride xxx

  4. Gorgeous idea! I love a framework and find my clients respond really well to it. Go for it lovely :)
    Really excited for your new site. I'm considering changing my website name one day too... wish I'd had Marie's insights a year ago!


  5. Hi Connie. I just wanted to offer some encouragement as I recently went through a complete rebranding to my personal-name domain. I was told that people wouldn't be able to find me, that I had already built a following under my previous business name or that going just by your name was boring and unimaginative etc etc.

    I've only been in my 'new home' for 6 weeks now and all self-dout has dissipated. I feel at ease, my growth has sky-rocketed and I just happen to be ranking on page one of google for my name :)

  6. Can't wait to see, cheering for you! xx

  7. Connie, You always speak to me! Same same again. I have my business name, but the last few weeks i've been thinking do i just use me? and yes i think that is where i am headed, with a saleable business on the side under another name, likewise saw Marie Forleo's vid, great timing.
    How much time does this all consume. My goodness. But loving it. The more i get on the right path, the more i learn, the more i want to change my site. But for now, i've just started rocking what i've got.
    May even join Marie's b-school to up the ante.

    February 14, 2013 at 11:59 AM

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  8. Congratulations Connie on the new website and ebook! It is wonderful to see a lovely young woman like yourself working so hard and with so much love to experience a personal dream come into fruition.
    I am looking forward to more of your inspiring words and grace.
    Wishing you only the best for this new part of your life!


  9. Connie....Congratulations....that is exciting news...I can't wait to see it x

  10. You and your work inspires me!
    Really looking forward to your new website and ebook.

    Sara W

  11. Connie-I love the idea for the new coaching package. You definitely described it accurately from my perspective. I am interested in exploring coaching options but just not sure how to start or what to bring forward, so a structured program like this would be amazing. Looking forward to the new site!



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