09 December 2012


As we come in to the final few weeks of 2012, our focus starts to move to the year ahead and opportunities that lay before us. But we cannot finish off a year without practicing a little ritual of review. As we close off the year we must take some time to acknowledge ourselves. Our successes. Our learnings. Our challenges. Our growth. 

The process of reflecting on the year that has passed gives you a chance to celebrate how far you have come. How are you and your life different to where you were 12 months ago? What did you achieve? How did you change? What are you grateful for? What did you learn?

This process also helps in determining what you want to focus on in 2013. It enables you to reflect on what worked, and what didn't and this serves as wonderful clarity about what will be your priorities in 2013.

So, seeing I will be encouraging you to do this work, I am also going to do the same. Below is my little 2012 reflection including my achievements and my learnings. 


Internal shifts

  • I learnt how to jump out of my comfort zone + feel ok with being super uncomfortable 
  • I reached new levels of courage and inner strength
  • I created an unshakeable commitment to follow my heart and live authentically
  • I found more clarity than I have had in years
  • I learnt to believe in my self and my gifts and value the services I offer
  • I learnt + grew SO much as a coach
  • I faced my fear of the unknown and embraced that 'out of control' feeling that I used to loathe
  • I deepened my faith and trust in the Universe
  • I opened up to my creativity and allowing it to pour out of me in bucketloads
  • I re-kindled the strong and open connection with my spirit and my inner guidance

External manifestations

  • I re-committed to my yoga practice and I am now practising 4-5 times a week
  • I moved in to my very own apartment which is a space I love + which totally nourishes me 
  • I left my full time job (that was a biggie!!!)
  • I fulfilled my dream to begin working for myself, full time as a life coach (yay!!!!!)
  • I submitting all of my assessments in order to gain certification as a life coach
  • I launched the 90 day transformation project which attracted 450 participants from all over the world
  • I completed my first e book (just finished it! and it will be released soon) and I started my 2nd e book
  • I have created a brand new business which will be launched in the coming weeks
  • I witnessed my coaching clients achieve freakin' amazing results this year. I have been so honoured to watch my clients; leave their days jobs, launch blogs, start up their own businesses, reach new levels of self-love, discover their purpose, finally connect with their heart's desire after years of living from their head, make more money, lose weight and get healthy, heal childhood wounds, create powerful visions for 2013 and SO much more (meee ohhh myyy I freakin' love my job)
  • I went on a beautiful holiday to Europe (for the first time ever!) and travelled through Paris, Venice and a beautiful little Italian town called Asolo.
  • Spent a phenomenal 2 weeks in California with my boyfriend drinking excessive amounts of green juice and komobucha, driving from LA to San Fran and having a freakin' ball.

Phew, it's been a big year

I learnt...

  • ALOT about business, and I am still learning but it has been such a thrilling ride
  • How to choose and connect with love in those moments where fear takes over
  • That vulnerability is damn beautiful
  • There is nothing more fulfilling than following your heart even if it is petrifying
  • How to get over myself so I can be of complete service to the world
  • The competition sucks and community is everything
  • That it does not matter what is happening on the outside, all that matters is how you are feeling, thinking and responding on the inside
  • That I can not be happy unless I live authentically
  • That love conquers all

I am so grateful for

  • The love + support I have received through my big transitions this year
  • The phenomenal community of people who follow alopd (I love you!)
  • The online community of amazing and inspiring women that I have been lucky enough to find myself surrounded by
  • The 2 holidays I got to take this year that were given to me as gifts!
  • My man
  • My home
  • My seriously amazing clients
  • My beautiful friends
  • My health
  • My spirit which as guided me so powerfully this year
  • My life. Full. Stop.

Wrapping up the year
There are ALOT of changes in store for my blog and my business in the coming weeks. As the end of 2012 draws near, I am focusing on completing all of the final aspects of my new site + business so it is ready for launch in January 2013.

I share a little more about this in the video below. But stay tuned as I will be keeping you updated over the next few weeks about what is unfolding...

There are only a few spaces left in the Kick-Start 2013 Coaching Program! So, if you are interested get in quick. I am offering a special 1:1 coaching program to support you to achieve all of your goals + dreams for 2013. Click here to find out more + register your spot. 

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  1. Hi Connie,
    I have spent some time this year so far writing down my 2013 intentions and getting in the right head space for this year. It was really nice watching your video and it occurred to me that I really haven't spent any time acknowledging all that I achieved in 2012. It was a massive year for me with my graduate diploma of teaching which I started and finished, managing to obtain my first graduate full time job for this year, planning my wedding which went so smoothly in December and going on a honeymoon. I am now sitting down to really think about what I achieved internally as I believe I have grown but it takes time to really plot it out and learn from it.

    So thank you for the inspiration - the reflection process is integral to growth and self-efficacy.

    Love Simone xx



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