02 December 2012


As we move towards the end of 2012, I really feel that we are being called to shed parts of ourselves and our lives that we do not want to take in to 2013. We must look at the aspects of our personalities and our ways of being and identify which are in line with who we really are, and which are not.

I really feel that we are being called to cleanse and heal the self. We must take some time to take a look at our inner selves and how we are thinking and feeling. We are each being called to remember our truth and to embody it. We must remember that we are love, that we are abundant and whole and that we are always being taken care of and guided.

It is time to cleanse fear + reconnect with love

In the VLOG below I share a little more about this need to release and cleanse part of ourselves. We must heal and transform our fear, anger, jealousy, competitions, stress, and resentment in to lighter and more loving energy by healing them and shedding them.

So, are you ready to make this shift? If so, here are 4 steps you can use to help you reconnect with your truth and your inner loving energy.

1. Choose a loving perspective

You can shift your feelings around any situation by simply changing your perception. As soon as you can shift to seeing things in a more loving way, the whole situation will transform.

There are always different ways of looking at a situation.The problem is that when we are in fear or negativity that is all we are focusing on, and as a result it is all we can see. But as soon as we show a willingness to shift our perspective, new views start opening up.

Think of some situations that bring up fear, negativity, anger etc.. for you. How can you see this situation with a new view? How can you take a more patient, kind, accepting, or gentle approach? How can you move from seeing this through the lens of fear, to viewing it through eyes of love? What would the voice of love say?

2. Connect with yourself

Sitting in stillness in meditation is a beautiful way to connect inwards. However, many people tell me that they find meditation hard. If you are in this situation, you must remember that if we continued to avoid everything that we found challenging we would never get anywhere. Like anything, it takes practice.

When you practice meditation, do not put too much pressure on yourself. The main aim is to not 'get anything' but to rather simply slow your mind, relax and feel better. Don't expect too much initially. If all you end up doing is feeling more relaxed than you did before you started then you have achieved enough. A beautiful friend of mine, Melissa Ambrosini recently shared some tips on how to meditate on Health Talks. Check out this video if you need some guidance.

3. Call in light + positivity

Sometimes when you are stuck in a negative feeling or a downward spiral of fear based thinking, it can be really difficult to make a shift. When this happens, I use the practice of calling in positive and white light. You can do this anytime anywhere and while it is a subtle and simple practice it is extremely powerful.

To do this I literally visualise beautiful white, clean and pure energy pouring in to me. I feel the positive energy of that light and I see it filling up my whole body. It washes over me and cleanses me.  

I also pray. Not in a religious way, but I simply ask 'Please help me move past this' or 'Please guide me out of this' or 'Please help me heal this.' You will surprised that when you ask, how you will be perfectly led to a book, a blog or you will receive an insight which will give you exacltly what you need.

4. Embody the qualities of the soul

The qualities of your soul include; love, acceptance, freedom, peace forgiveness, kindness, generosity, compassion, wisdom, truth, flow, abundance and wisdom.

Whenever you are stuck in a negative feeling and you want to shift it, you can focus on embodying the qualities of your soul. Doing this will always cause you to feel better. Ask yourself a question such as;

How can I be more loving right now?
How can I be more in the flow right now?
How can I be more compassionate right now?
How can I be more peaceful right now?
How can I be more generous right now?
How can I be more accepting right now?

Simply asking these questions connects you with the energy of these beautiful qualities and enables you to start to draw them in to your life.

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  1. wanting to be postiveDecember 5, 2012 at 6:45 AM

    I'm sorry its a bit late, but I have just read about the 90 day project and I read that you are sending stuff by email. Can you possibly send them to me too or is it to late?

  2. i love this. perfect.

    lots of love and a merry christmas from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog



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