03 October 2012


Today is day 3 of the 90 day transformation project *excited squeel* and it is already exceeding all of my expectations and totally blowing my mind.

Not only do we now have over 350 people from all over the world embarking on their very own 90 day transformation project, we also have an absolutely freaking rocking facebook group that is unlike anything I have seen before.

This 90 Day Transformation Project facebook group is filled to the brim with bright, shiny and inspiring little souls who are tearing down the walls of inauthenticity, facing their fears and unashamedly showing the world who they really are. There is vulnerability and empowerment co-existing. The conversations happening in this group have at often times brought me to tears and made me feel as if my heart was going to explode.

In this sacred space that has been created, there are beautiful men and women bravely sharing themselves, powerfully declaring their dreams and committing to taking leaps of action. But what I am seeing more than anything is connection, deep authentic, unconditional connection combined with pure love and support and desire to see each other succeed.

It has really blown my mind. And it is bigger and way more beautiful than anything I ever dreamed of.


I have spent the past few days in awe of what has been created through this project so far, and it has caused me to stop for a moment and reflect on how this whole thing actually came about.

I really feel that this project has now gone beyond me, and it is in the hands of the Universe. It has been divinely created. It is a spirit's masterpiece.

This is an example of co-creation at it's best. Where human and divine come together to co-create something that can only be described as magical.

When I look back on how this whole project was created I can see that there were 3 distinct steps that  underpinned this process of co-creation.

Intention + Inner Guidance + Inspired Action

These 3 steps is what co-creation is all about. When the human mind can get out of it's own way and allow the Universal mind to guide it, something miraculous happens.


When I made the decision to complete a 90 day transformation project in my own life I had several intentions.

+ The intention to grow: I wanted to expand myself, to stretch outside my comfort zone and to challenge myself.
+ The intention to be authentic: I wanted everything I put out in the external world to be beautifully aligned with who I felt I really was. I wanted to be more vulnerable and to allow my readers to get to know me on a deeper level.
+ The intention to serve: I wanted to be of even greater service. To give more. To create a more powerful impact. I wanted to do that by shining more of my own light out in to the world.

And that was about it. I had no plan. No agenda. I had no desire to share this process with the readers on my blog, to document my journey or to encourage others to join me.


When you hold an intention strongly inside of you, inner guidance will clearly show you what you need to do next. You should get the message loud and clear, depending on how good you are at listening.

Over the days that followed my decision to embark on this project, I found myself being inundated by inspired ideas of how I could expand this project beyond my own life.

First my little inner voice said "Why not share your journey with others. Document your 90 day project on your blog and allow others to see you transform

Then the next day it said "Share yourself completely and wholly. Be willing to be vulnerable. Record video blogs throughout your journey so that people can see you and who you are"

A few days later I got this "Encourage your readers to join in with you. To share the journey. To embark on their own 90 day project too"

And then the next day this "And you know what would be fun? Create some worksheets and week by week videos covering all the lessons you are learning so that you can really support your readers on their journey"


And so each day I would hear these little voices, and I would act on their guidance. Each day I would just show up and follow through on my inner request.

I refrained from judging what I was creating. At times I doubted it and thought, I wonder if anyone will really be interested in this. But I pushed those thoughts aside. The internal pull to create this project was much stronger than the feelings of fear and doubt.

And as a result of showing up each day and acting on that inspired voice within me, something beautiful and unbelievably powerful has been manifested.

The Universe has created more than I could have ever dreamed of.


+ Trust: When your inner guidance whispers to you and inspires to take some action, it may not initially make sense. You cannot see the whole path or the bigger picture. So learn to trust. Do not allow your analytical mind to creep in and talk to you out of it

+ Remain playful and curious: Do not take anything too seriously or over think what is happening. Be open minded and relaxed. It will help you stay in the flow.

+ Embrace the unknown: Our ego mind likes to control and predict and plan. Allow yourself to let go of the need to know what is going to happen. 

+ Listen: Take time each day to connect to your inner guidance and strengthen your relationship with your intuition. 

+ Be grateful: Every time the Universe steps in to support your intentions manifesting, say thank you. Appreciate this beautiful divine energy and it will multiply.


  1. I'm so glad you opened up this project, Connie. I'm feeling so positive and productive right now - I think this was the push I'd been needing. Thank you for sharing!

    And I'm with you - the Facebook group is blowing my mind! I've already spent hours over there, reading about everyone else's dreams and generally feeling uber inspired :)

  2. I love this post, that's exactly what I needed right now to keep following my dreams.
    Thanks so much Connie, this project is just amazing <3

  3. I KNOW! It is amazing and blows my mind too! The love, support, sharing, giving - never experienced anything like it before. THANK YOU!! Connie! For listening to your intuition and handing it over with love and grace! LOVE you bunches! :)



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