05 August 2012


Lately my energy has been a little all over the shop. I have been having trouble deciphering between the things that feel naturally inspiring and fun, and the commitments and responsibilities I have to uphold. The line has become blurred. The things I used to love have been tainted by a feeling of obligation. Phrases such as I should... I must... and I need to... have been dominating my vocabulary. And there has been little room left for I'd love to....

It's been making me feel funky, and over the past few weeks, I had been unsure exactly how to deal with all this angst I have been feeling. My natural response has been to retreat. Turn inwards. Get quiet. Search for clarity. But even that I have struggled with.

I have been hearing similar messages ringing through the blogosphere. My contemporaries that I love and admire seem to be feeling the same way (Check out these posts here, here, here and here!). I take comfort in the fact I am not alone. There seems to be an inner tug of war going on in many of us. 

As much as I felt relief knowing that others were in the same boat. I was still struggling to find my own answer. 

And then I got it. In true Universal form, it was plonked on my little lap. A few days ago I stumbled across this gorgeous Moon Meditation from Yasmin Boland and I got the message loud and clear. She says;

"As we move towards the Full Moon, it’s time to shed. Shed an emotion, shed a job, shed a frenemy, shed some weight… Just shed. As humans in 3D, we are tuned into the lunar cycle and, once a month, the lunar cycle moves towards the Full Moon and encourages us to let go of whatever no longer serves us. We are all in the process of evolving and that means leaving behind our past when it’s the right time to do it. What are you going to shed this month?" 

As soon as I read this I knew what the problem was. 

I have been clinging. Clinging to that which I need to let go of.

My inner guidance and universal forces have been calling me to shed. To let go. To create space. And rather than flowing with that call, I have been resisting it. Why? Because I have been afraid.


There are times in our life when we are clearly aware that something has reached the end of it's lifespan yet we are not necessarily ready to release it. If we were to follow the calls of our intuition, we would simply take heed, let go of what ever needed to be released, and then simply trust that something new was on it's way. But often we don't do that.

Instead we know that we need to let go of it, but we can't help but cling to the hope it is not really over.  We go in to denial. We convince ourselves that everything is ok. We smile. We say yes. We over-commit. We attempt to keep up appearances.

But there is no denying the truth. Deep down in your guts, you know it is time to let go.

The thing that frightens us, is that we don't know what is next. We are terrified by the uncertainty of it all.

We ask: If I break up with him, will I ever find anyone else? If I leave this job, will I be able to find another? If I lose the weight, who will I be?

The unknown scares us, so we cling to what is safe and familiar even if it doesn't truly fulfil us. 

We would rather have something rather than nothing - even if that something no longer makes us happy.


Is there anything in your life at the moment that you need to let go of yet you cannot bring yourself to do it? Is there anything you know you need to release, shed or un-hook from but you are totally in denial?

+ Where have you lost that feeling that you used to have? (inspiration, love, excitement, joy, bliss, enthusiasm?)
+ Where has your natural motivation for something been replaced by a feeling of obligation?
+ Where does something feel not-quite-right but you are suppressing and denying what you really know to be true?


I want to share with you where I am at currently, and I hope you will understand.

*Deep breath*

As amazing as it can be to have a blog that inspires and uplifts people, combined with a beautiful community that follows you, it also comes with a sense of responsibility. I must admit lately, this responsibility has been weighing on me. I will be brutally honest here - rather than feeling uber inspired and inwardly motivated to write on this blog and share myself with you all, I have instead been feeling a heavy sense of obligation. Not a cool feeling. 

For a long time now, this blog has been my outlet for self-expression and creativity. My platform to inspire others and my avenue to express my truth. It was often my place of comfort. It opened my heart and warmed my little soul. It brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. It meant everything to me. But quite honestly (and it breaks my heart to say it) I just ain't getting that feeling anymore. 

I feel like I have grown out of the blog.  And I it is now time to create something new. 


For the past few months I have been working on a new project. I am in the throws of launching a new business, a new website and a whole new approach to my work. Creative ideas have been bubbling out of me uncontrollably. I am having to keep a notebook on me at all times to catch them. I feel alive, inspired, excited and energised by my new project and all I want to do is work on it. 

To support this new venture, I have been working to call in a lot of new stuff in to my life. I have been completing gorgeous magentising meditations  each day and I can literally feel my energy body connecting with my desire. My visualisations are life-like. I feel my energy literally drawing this new reality towards me. I know it is all on it's way. But I realise that there is one step I missed.

I haven't yet cleared space for this new stuff. 

My life is so damn busy. My mind is so full. As much as I desire to call in all this new stuff, where on earth is it going to fit? There is no space! And so I have realised that I need to let go of what is no longer serving me so that I can receive all the awesome new shit I am attracting.

You need to create space for the new. Otherwise there is no room for creativity and inspiration to bubble forth. 

You also need to learn to say no. Learn to say no to that which does not fit in with the highest vision you have for yourself. Say yes to that which will nourish, support and uplift you.

What I really want to say yes to now is creating space. Shedding. Making room. 


I have no plans to shut down this blog, or disconnect from my readers. But I wanted to share where I am at so you can understand why you may be hearing from me less and usual over the coming months. I will be in creative lock-down, pulling together new and exciting products and resources for you which will culminate to the launch of a new site later in the year. 

I am also going to dedicating more time and energy to my coaching work. This area of my life feels new, fresh and exciting and I am getting such a thrilling buzz out of working with my clients. This needs more of my time, energy and focus. So that is what it is going to get.

In the meantime I will still be here with you. I will still be writing. But I will be taking more time for me. I will be creating more space for the new. I will be saying no to obligation and yes to inspiration.

I look forward to sharing more of my journey with you as it unfolds.

Love + Light

Connie xx


  1. I'm sad to see you go, OF COURSE because your work is so beautiful, but at the same time I'm super proud of you and it would be really selfish to want to keep you around when it isn't working for you.

    Best of luck in everything you ever decide to pursue!

    1. Thank you Kate! Don't worry I will still be here. But I felt that by sharing what was going on for me, it felt easier to give myself permission to take some space. I appreciate your kind words and your support xx

  2. Go for it, Connie! We give you all the space you need. If you'r not inspired anymore, how are you supposed to inspire your blog readers? So it makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing your decision so openly. This actually IS very inpiring. Love + Passion

    1. Thank you Karolin. You are so right. I felt like I wasn't being authentic in my writing and I want to have a break to allow that inspiration to flow forth once again xx

  3. HI Connie,

    What a great read! SO needed this at the moment! And I am so excited to hear your new adventure x Simone x

    1. So wonderful to hear that you can relate Simone! I will be sure to keep you posted on my new plans. Thank hun xx

  4. Connie! Thank you for this post. I've been seeing signs + synchronicities everywhere too. When I open a magazine or reading blogs, I see the words "let go" everywhere. I too, have been feeling under the weather/too much piling on my plate and no space to expand because there's so much weighing me down. Thanks for posting this - because I REALLY needed this sign to tell me that it is OK to let go of some of the things in my life that no longer bring me joy and inspiration.

    I understand where you're coming from, and support you 100% Connie!

    Clear out what no longer serves you and move forwards. When one door closes, another one opens! I am excited to see what you bring out + what is coming your way. Great things await you darling!

    Lots of love
    Jia Ni

    1. Hi Jia,

      Thank you for you amazing support. It is actually quite a scary feeling to let go. I am attempting to embrace what is new, but I still find myself worrying about what I am losing. I just have to keep myself really focused on where I am going and work to heal any of the fear that comes up.

      Your kind words are so comforting. Thank you xx

    2. I understand where you're coming from - I feel exactly the same way. Just clutching onto things that don't serve me anymore in fear of losing out.

      You have to take that leap of faith and show the universe you're commited to your dreams (which you totally are, I can even FEEL your passion for your dreams through your words!). :) The whole path will reveal itself. It will be amazing and worthwhile.

      Sending you lots of positive vibes. <3 xxx

    3. Thank you darling :) You are amazing xx

  5. Totally feeling you girl.
    I'm all over this whole 'shedding' thing too. Over the last few months I've been ditching so many things from my life, and all in a good way! Physical & non physical.
    I think theres something about this good weather that does it to me too, these sunny days just help me feel so refreshed.

    Yay to making room for new things! And stoked to see where your new adventure takes you ;)


    1. Yes Sian, a massive YAY to making room for the new! So awesome to hear you are feeling the same, and I am so happy that you have had a positive 'shedding' experience so far! I take comfort in that.

      One thing I am trying to feel comfortable with at the moment is space. I am not used to it. Heres to embracing the unfamiliar!


  6. This is such a timely post for me... I broke up with my boyfriend, whom I love so so much, just days ago and I know it was the right thing to do, but boy oh boy it is hard. Everything you've written here makes me feel so much more at peace with my decision. Thank you, and good luck with your new venture, it sounds exciting :)

    1. Oh C, I know that feeling. I had one of those break ups a little while ago too. There was still so much love there, but I knew it was time to let to. Well done for having the strength to follow your inner guidance. Keep your mind focused on why you made your decision and know that you are now creating space for something even more amazing to come along. I am so glad this post bought you some peace xx

    2. I'm going through this at the moment and just can't seem to let go? :( How can it be everything to me one moment and the next it's not working for me? How do you actually end it?
      Is it because there are better things out there for me?

  7. Hi Connie,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful words, and it is only right to follow where your inspiration and heart takes you... isn't that what you have been telling us all this time? Keep this flow going! You have given so much and I look forward to seeing your new endeavours come to fruition. You deserve it!

    1. Oh Melanie you are so sweet! Thank you xx

  8. Feeling you on this one too Connie! As you said there's a few things I'm feeling 'funky' about and I'm tried feeling fed up about some things. Out with the old, in with the new! Also pleased as punch to be apart of your 'something new' experience! Jenn x

  9. What a beautiful post honey - and yep, I TOTALLY know what you mean. I found taking a week off to let the creativity bubble up from that deep inner well was the best. thing. ever. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! xx

  10. Taking a break also helps to clear the mind, so why not do something fun and enjoy? XoXo

  11. You have no idea how fitting this post is for me right now. Clinging... yep.

    And I'm so excited to see what happens next for you! Go where your heart is. Do what lights you up <3

  12. Reading this brought a tear to my eye, I am holding onto something that isn't making me happy anymore and I just don't know how to let it go?!?
    It's clipping my wings and making my future dull! It's hard letting go because I treasure it so much and it also used to be such a part of my life and I used to believe that I couldn't be anything without it.

    Everyone that knows me has been encouraging me to let go but it's always easier said than done! I really don't know what to do in order for me to totally break free and sadly at the moment my biggest desire is freedom and I'm so far from it!

    Reading blogs like yours really inspire me and I really hope that I can develop the courage soon enough to let it all go and move onto bigger and brighter things in my life!

    Thank you so much for the inspiration and Im sure your new business will bring many great things into your life! I also hope that my dream of working with you in the future comes true. x



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