19 August 2012


Welcome to my first ever video blog! The topic for today's blog is transition. And more specifically, how to transition from where you are, to where you want to be.

This clip is quite long (apologies - I love to talk and tend to waffle) but I hope you like it. Please grab yourself a cup of tea, pull up a chair and enjoy.


As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently working to let go of anything in my life which I no longer feel drawn to, inspired by or aligned with. As a result I have been taking a little break from writing on this blog. Not to say that I am totally un-inspired by this blog, but the Universe has been calling me to take a break and create some space.  It is often frightening to let go of one thing when we do not yet have another thing to take it's place. But the lesson here is that we need to make room and feel safe in that empty space for a while before new things can be created.

And boy, have I created space for the new! Today I got a sudden pull of inspiration to create a video blog for you. And I decided to follow that instinct and do it. Even though this felt new, daunting and unfamiliar and I learning to develop a habit of following inner guidance, no matter what. This was totally and utterly out of my comfort zone yet I am committed to taking steps towards my dreams even if they scare me! We learn so much about ourselves when we are willing to try something new and embrace the unknown. Sure it was daunting, but it was pretty damn exciting too.

As this is my first ever video blog there were a few mistakes here and there. But this has been a lesson for me in allowing things be imperfect. I am a chronic perfectionist, so making this video has been a beautiful experience to allow myself to share something that has a few flaws and errors!

What amazing lessons we can learn about ourselves when we are willing to embrace the unknown, huh?


I receive emails all the time from people who want to make some form of transition in their life. And I see a lot of my coaching clients experience a lot of challenges with this journey. Transitions require patience, positivity and a feeling of flow. We must find ways to heal our need to force and rush things, to feel negative about where we are and to buy in to stories that tell us we are not making progress.

As I mention in the video, I am currently managing my own big transition in the area of my career. At the moment, I am still currently working in a full-time day job as I work to build my coaching business in the evenings and on weekends. It is a tough gig, and at the moment I am pretty much juggling 2 full time jobs!

To support myself in managing my career transition, I have been applying a range of tools and strategies to not only help me feel good, but to also speed up the process.

In this video  I shared 3 of my favourite things that I do to make the transition journey easier.

Just to recap, there they are;

 1. Love where you are. Make peace with where you are. Express gratitude and appreciation for what you have. Focus on all the positive aspects of your current situation. Say yes to where you.
2. Create a powerful vision. Focus on where you are going. Stop giving all your attention to 'where you are'. Give your attention and energy to your new dream and start to embody it now. 
3. Use a journal or notebook to document all the actions and steps (no matter how small) you are taking on a daily basis towards your dreams. Also document every manifestation and everything you attract from the universe which shows you that it is listening to your requests and his helping your dream come true.

 So, what did you think of the video? It would be wonderful to get your feedback. And if there are any topics that you would love for me to create a video blog about in the future, please let me know!

I would love for you to leave a comment below and let me know... 
+ What area of life are you currently making a transition in?
+ What tools or strategies do you use to help you  in your transition?


  1. Connie this is amazing, you are SUCH a natural! Loved our Skype chat the other day & was thrilled to hear it get a little mention. Gorgeous stuff, you rock honey! xx

    1. Thank you Rach! I really appreciate your beautiful words. I loved our skype chat too. It seriously made me so happy :) xx

  2. Connie I saw your post on Instagram and couldn't wait to view your video blog. I loved it! I agree with Rach, you are a natural, you explain things in such a way that anyone can use these tools and strategies! I actually took notes so I can start applying them at my workplace this week! haha

    Thank you so much for sharing, I'm looking forward to my week now!!

    J x

    1. Hi J, so awesome to hear that you found the post really beneficial. I hope that you enjoy applying these tools to your own life. They really do make such a difference. So happy you enjoyed the post xx

  3. I absolutely LOVE it Connie!! Love it on so many levels. Please make more videos with these actionable tips. Can't wait to report back what great things I bring into my life with your advice. xxx

    1. Thank you darling! I will be sure to keep the videos coming. And please do keep me posted on any results you achieve by applying these tools xx

  4. This is a GREAT video and a beautiful and helpful message! I am also transitioning in different areas of my life at the moment and often use yoga or meditation to re-center when I've got negative thoughts or when I feel overwhelmed. But you're totally right, keep focusing on where you wanna be!
    Thanks for this beautiful video, I loved it too ;)

    1. Thank you Pauline. I am so happy you enjoyed the video. I love what you shared about using yoga and meditation to re-centre. That is so beautiful, and supporting ourselves with nourishing practices is SUCH a key part of managing our transitions xx

  5. Hi Connie Hunny! I LOVED it!! I cannot wait to see more videos from you- you are totally a natural and it was so lovely to see you speak and connect with you visually instead of through written communication. I will definately be using your steps in the vlog. Much love xoxo

    1. Hello gorgeous Dani. Yay! I am glad you loved the video and that you found that the tips I shared will be useful for you. Can't wait to chat about all this and more when we skype next week. Much love to you sweet pea xx

  6. Dear Connie,

    This vlog is absolutely wonderful. I agree with all the above comments, you are a natural. I actually had quite a strong and unexpected reaction to your vlog - I burst into tears! I think because I resonate so deeply with everything you have talked about here, I was overcome with emotion. Your warmth and authenticity made me feel as though you were talking directly to me...

    I am in the process of becoming a Nutritional therapist. I love my studies and have vivid visions in my mind about my future career. These thoughts and my energy surrounding my future dream are so potent in fact, that on a daily basis I have encounters with people who come to me, without knowing my background or what I am studying and strike up conversation about particular dietary issues that either they or someone close to them is experiencing. It is as though they sense my energy, openness and willingness to support them. Time and time again I am shown that I am needed, that I can help and that I am here to serve!

    BUT of late, I have felt frustrated in my day job. Working in an office, feeling trapped in the daily grind - longing to be starting my new life, longing to make the transition. I have negative thoughts weighing heavily on me about my current situation - which in turn have led unpleasant events to unfold at work, making it even harder for me to stomach being there. I realise now that by disconnecting from my current reality in favour of my dream reality, I am halting my own progress in making those dreams come true. I will focus more on the positive nature of my current situation and express gratitude for where I am NOW. Afterall, my day job is necessary to financially support me in my studies. It is also the kind of job that connects me to people, which is invaluable experience for building my skill set in preparation for working with prospective clients/patients to build supportive, nurturing and positive relationships.

    The magical Abraham quote. "The key to bringing yourself to a new place is to see yourself differently from the way you are. It is necessary for you to focus on the person you are becoming and distract yourself from the current situation; you cannot create a new reality while looking at your current reality." - So profound and so, so relevant to me.

    I will practice appreciation and gratitude for my current situation and it's rich experiences and lessons - while using these to focus my energies on the person I am becoming - thus creating my new reality...Whenever that may come to fruition! Thank you, Connie.

    Lastly, I would love you to keep vlogging! To be able to play your vlog and listen to your shared wisdom is an easier way for me to listen and digest what you are saying. When I read things, I sometimes have to read them over and over to realy grasp them. Listening to the words is much more effective for me. Maybe other people will feel that too.

    Congratulations on your first Vlog and keep positive during your transition! "You are a butterfly in the making" as my sister likes to say to me.

    With much love and gratitude,

    Katie x x


    1. Hello gorgeous Katie. Thank you for your beautiful comment and for sharing yourself so openly here.

      Your comment really moved and touched me. I can relate so closely to what you are feeling at the moment. I know the struggle and frustration you can feel when you have such a beautiful dream and vision for your career but you still feel totally stuck and bogged down in a job that does not fulfil or satisfy you. I know first hand how difficult that can be.

      And that is why I have had to work so hard to implement these practices in my own life, because for a long time my 'current reality' has really got me down. And when i feel down, I feel less motivated to do my coaching work, I am less able to help or inspire others and I feel even further away from where I want to be. At the end of the day, this is our life, and we must work to love and enjoy it no matter where we find ourselves.

      I am not sure of your current situation, but would it be worth you looking for a different type of work while you transition? Could you do a job that is more in line with what you enjoy? While I believe that we must love and appreciate where we are and be grateful for what we have, we must also not force ourselves to stay in a situation that is damaging to us. If you really dislike your job, you do have the option to change it, or to look for a different type of job, or find a part time or casual job doing something you enjoy. We must not forget we always have options! And if you decide you want a new job to support you while you transition, there is nothing wrong with that!

      Thank you for all your kind and beautiful words of support darling. I am so happy that this video touched you so deeply and gave you exactly what you needed to hear. I have no doubt that you are going to do amazing things and if you keep focusing your mind and your mind in the right place, it will only be a matter of time until this happens.

      Big hugs

      Connie xx

  7. Connie! I agree with Katie and everyone else so far - You Rock! You are a natural at this and this vlog was so helpful and pertinent! Please continue with them as you have something to discuss with us all. We are all eager and ready for your knowledge and input.

    Years ago, I manifested that I would only work for NICE people. It happened. I am a landscaper by trade but study nutrition/ raw food/ positive life changes, etc. and love it. My "day" job I really like once I changed my thought patterns about it and the income I make with it. I said "I am deserving and worthy to bring more money in with what I do and only work for nice and loving people." That is what comes to me now.

    I am going to share this video on my post this Thursday which I call "Thoughtful Thursdays" by sharing article, videos, quotes, pictures that I find helpful, inspiring, motivating and funny (sometimes - laughter is great medicine!). http://kibbysblendedlife.com/?p=1241

    Come by and visit me: http://www.kibbysblendedlife.com
    I love your blog and have been with you for quite some time.

    Much love and support!

    1. Hi Kibby, wow I absolutely love that intention you set about working for nice people and the affirmation you use is awesome! (in fact, I might start using that one myself!). What a perfect example of how through changing your thoughts and your energy you were able to attract in to your life a day job that you really enjoyed!

      Thank you for your supportive words about my vlog. I am so happy you enjoyed it, and I really appreciate you sharing it on your Thoughtful Thursday post.

      I am a big fan of your site too Kibby - you have some phenomenal recipes on there!

      Thanks again for your comment

      Connie x

  8. What a wonderful vlog! Will definitely start utlising those tips :) Can't wait for our chat this week, I just know I am going to come away inspired and energised!

    1. Hi Bel :) Thank you for stopping by hun! I am so happy you enjoyed the post, and I hope these tips help in getting the ball rolling. Can't wait to discuss all of this in more detail when we chat. Looking forward to it! xx

  9. Whooohoooo! Congrats on your first Vlog! You really write the way you speak; very unique and very YOU.
    I can't say how much your coaching has helped me break down some walls, and it really was your suggestion of writing a rocking vision statement that has put many wheels in motion for me.
    I think writing down the steps you take towards your dream is a beautiful idea. So much stuff has been happening lately and I feel some of it is passing me by or I'm forgetting stuff. Writing it down is a great way to remind myself just how far I've come in a small amount of time.

    Thank you again darling. You're amazing! x

    1. Yay Jenn! Thank you for your beautiful comment. I am seriously loving working with you girl. You have blown me away by what you have achieved already in a few short weeks. Amazing stuff. I definitely recommend jotting it all down in a beautiful notebook so you can look back over it and really acknowledge the phenomenal work you have done and the magic you have created. Yay! Much love xx

  10. Lovely vid sweetheart!!

    Great inspiration too, time to focus on the bigger picture :)


    1. Thank you Emily! Yep, taking a big picture approach can really help! it is a great idea to create that big beautiful vision of the end result you want, and then work backwards to help you plan the small steps you will take you get you there. Thanks for stopping by hun xx

  11. wow, hey Connie! Thanks for sharing your lil insights, quite timely at the mo with the uncertainty offered in Qld State Government and the questions swimming around in my head, is this change natural, meant to be, the universe giving me that nudge - transition into greater passionate living!
    I really enjoyed your quote sharing the teachings of Abraham, something for me to explore further and certainly again, very relevant.

    So here goes me applying the 3 things you gave me:
    1. Stop resisting and accept - Yes I am here in the now
    2. Visualise Visualise Visualise - Where do I wanna be
    3. track, jot down, note the little steps to help me see that all the small things will make the big difference.

    Appreciate so much your generosity of speaking from the heart, your Vid-blog was lovely to watch and a pleasure to listen to, thanks!

    with gratitude,

    1. Hi Amy it is awesome that you have made note of the 3 tips I shared! You have summed them up perfectly :) I think it is wonderful that you are digging a little deeper to embrace the uncertainty you are currently experiencing with your job and perhaps find a greater lesson in it. I am so happy you enjoyed the vlog and I hope you can create some amazing results by applying these principles xx

  12. Lovely lady, Kim from Dream. Delight. Inspire recommended I check out your blog and what a great surprise to see your first vlog! Well done! I second everyone above - you are a natural! Couldn't agree more with your words of wisdom and love everything else you've got going on here, adding it to the favourites xx

    1. Hi Cara, thanks for stopping by and for leaving such beautiful feedback about my vlog. I am so happy you found it useful. Just popped over and checked out your blog too - love it! xx

  13. Hi Connie,
    I just wanted to thankyou for such an amazing post! I've identified that I'm in a "studying" transition where I've lost motivation to study my course and knuckle down but as I write the little things that I do, I get more and more motivated - and I really like seeing what I've done as I always feel that I'm not doing enough compared to other people in my course.
    Aimee xx

  14. Hi Connie,

    thanks for sharing your video :-) I felt like you were talking to me! I'm going through this transition with my career aswell so I can definitely relate.
    My dream is to work as designer and sometimes it feels like it's taking so long to get to where I want to be. I can be really hard on myself, thinking I haven't achieved enough and comparing myself to others!
    I also like to practice gratitude as much as possible whenever I start to feel negative, it always puts things in perspective!
    I really like your tip on using a diary to track all the small achievements because it is easy to forget and over look them! I cant wait to try it out :-)

    thanks again!
    Danielle x

  15. Sexy pants,

    Holy moly. You are open stunning, soul hugging open book.


    I LOVED your practical tips Connie (and have subsequently started scribbling in my moleskin!), we really do forget how far we've already come towards our dreams. Ah- that video felt like a nice deep breath.

    Ps- YOU'RE SUCH A HOTTIE. Let's Skype some time soon x

    1. oh gorgeous lady! you are to sweet for words!!

      On your blog post where we declared our fears, one of my biggies was my fear of 'being seen'. This has kept me hiding and playing small or many years and has also held me back from ever doing a video blog. But declaring that fear on your blog and then creating a powerful affirmation to counteract it really inspired me to take action to move beyond it!! I need to thank you for helping me take that leap!

      So excited that you have started doing some of this work in your magic moleskin. Yay!!

      And YES can we please skype! I would love that!!

      Much love to you honey xxx

      And ps - I think youre a hottie to sweet pea!

  16. Thank you so much for that video Connie, I have just popped over from the Wellness Warrior blog after reading your wonderful blog post. I agree with everyone else - you are a natural and should be doing a vlog post every day!! I have been having trouble following through on actions that will help my health. Your three tips are going to help me immensely. Best wishes on your transition too. Jen

  17. I loved the video Connie, I felt like you were speaking to me directly :) I'm actually trying to transition from my first job to something more creative, a bit more me, like creating a website.
    I'm going to start today, working on the 3 elements you talked about. I am so excited!
    Thank you!

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  19. Thank You sooo much for this vlog Connie! Truly an amazing video. I just came across your blog today and I am dealing with my own transitions as well. It's such a blessing to find people who feel the same way...after this video, I am ready to reconnect and get on the path that serves my highest good.

  20. I feel like all I do is daydream about a new career...like things are not moving fast enough and I'm stuck,stuck,stuck. So I appreciated all you shared, it was all right on the money for me. Take care and I'll be sure to check back for more vlogs.


  21. Yay to your vlog! I love checking into your blog, it is so inspirational. It's great to hear that others are also in the same boat, I am in a big transition stage of my life and I know that something big is on the horizon but it's not coming fast enough. Will def. be using your tips during this transition period. x



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