24 July 2012


This post is for anyone who has a dream. A big, bold, beautiful dream.

Perhaps you have a vision of something more. You can feel the potential of something bigger, brighter, more fulfilling. You know deep down that there is more that you can be, do or have and you are determined to find out what that is.

You see the possibility of something beyond where you currently are.

There is nothing more magical than being a dreamer. Dreams pull us forward. They motivate us. They call us to action. They inspire us, set our heart on fire and ignite our inner spark. They give us butterflies. They are the fuel of life.

Many of us are afraid to dream big, out of fear we may fail. We are scared that we will not reach them and have to be faced with feelings of disappointment. But I ask you, would you prefer temporary disappointment or a lifetime of regret?

One of the things I love the most about being a life coach is that I get the privilege of discovering the inner most precious dreams and desires of my clients. I find it so beautiful to hear people talk about their dreams. You see their face light up. Their body moves with excitement. They are passionate, inspired and switched on. I believe that it is when we are connected to our dreams, and we are following them with a big, brave heart that we are at our most radiant. It is what makes us feel alive.

On the flipside, the thing that tears me apart the most about my coaching sessions is when I hear all the reasons my clients have for why they cannot live out their dreams. How can we dream such beautiful dreams and then tell ourselves that we cannot have them? I can see the pain and disappointment in their eyes as they succumb to their negative beliefs and self doubt. It saddens me that we do this to ourselves.

You have to believe in your dream, and your ability to make it happen.
Doubt is the biggest saboteur of all dreams. If you doubt yourself, you will never be able to show up and do what is required to create your dreams. You will procrastinate, create excuses and avoid stepping out of your comfort zone as you do not believe you have what it takes.

If your dream is big, it is going to stretch you. It is going to cause you to have to step out of your comfort zone. Yes, this might be scary. But what if you looked at this fear in a new way? What if your fear excited you, as it was a sign that you were on the verge of powerful and transformative growth? That you were about to define yourself as a new person. That you were teetering on the edge of becoming a bigger, brighter, shiner, more amazing version of yourself.

What if you could see your fear as a sign that you were moving in the right direction? What it if you could find a way to revel in it rather than rejecting it?

Start by loving your fears. The feeling of fear is a sign you are on the verge of stepping out of your comfort zone. That you are in the process of becoming more.

You can transform your fear by loving it. Thanking it. Appreciating it. See it as a sign that you are growing. 

Taking steps towards your biggest dream should give you heart-flutters and tummy butterflies. 

And if it doesn't? 

Dream bigger. 

The journey towards the achievement of your dreams takes perseverance. It takes patience, mixed with a fierce determination. It takes an acceptance of what is, combined with an strong belief what you want is on it's way. It takes daily action steps to build momentum. It takes a willingness to do whatever it takes.

I encourage you to enjoy your journey, and not become too fixated with your end result. Of course, you want to have a burning desire for what you want, but do not let it take you away from the beauty of the present moment.

Transitions can be challenging times. Anytime you are wanting to create something new, you are going to have to transition from your current reality, to your new reality. Sometimes it takes no time at all, but other times it seems to take forever.

For those of you who don't know, I am currently in a process of transition. Yes, I am a life coach, a writer and blogger, but I am also working in a day job to support myself while I set up my business. I am managing the delicate balancing act of working full-time, while spending every spare moment I have pouring my energy in to what I love to do.

Transitions require you to balance your energy between two places at once. While it is important to keep your eyes squarely focused on the big vision you hold about where you want to go, it is equally as important to remain grounded in this present moment. If you start to resent your current situation, you become miserable. You must do what you can to love where you are, while you wait for your dreams to materialise.

Achieving your dreams requires faith. Faith is where you believe something to be true, without yet seeing the physical evidence of it. You just know.  

Know your dreams are done, even before you see the proof, and it will only be a matter of time before they become a reality

+ What are your big, bold, beautiful dreams? I would love for you to share them below xx


  1. Connie, I so needed to hear this!
    Fear as a navigational tool is an interesting, challenging concept. But very rewarding for those who stick it out! The transition phase - where your energies and focus are stretched to their limits, and the light at the end of the tunnel is still so far away - can be so exhausting. Would love to hear more on your thoughts about this area! xo

    1. Hi Jess. What you say about the transition phase is so true. I do actually feel quite 'stretched' at the moment, and I know that eventually something is going to give. I guess I am trying to 'do it all' but I think the key, is knowing when it is time to start letting go of things. I have recognised now that soon the time will come when I will need to let go of my day job. It is a very scary prospect as it means letting go of the security and safety of a regular paycheck and all the benefits of working for an employer. I am also recognising what 'little things' are occupying my time that are not serving my bigger picture vision and I am learning to release those too. Sometimes letting go can actually be the hardest part.

      I love using the affirmation "I am willing to release anything and everything that is no longer serving my higher good" As I repeat this, I know I will be guided to know when it is the right time to let go

      Thank you for your comment gorgeous xx

  2. Thank you Connie, this is beautiful and inspiring!

  3. Connie, you write magic. I love what you say about faith, because it is so true. It is the believing and knowing that it is already done, and the dreams are already ours once we have dreamed it. Thank you honey for this inspiring article. xx

    1. Thanks Jia. I agree, I think faith is one of the biggest factors which contribute to whether or not our dreams manifest. And doesn't it bring so much peace and contentment knowing that it is already done! We just have to learn to believe it before we see it. Thank you for your comment beautiful lady xx

  4. My ego's dream is to lose that 10 pounds and live happily ever after - MY dream is to one day accept and love myself just the way I am. But I'm working on it.

    Thank you <3

    1. Hey anon, I love that you have defined the difference between your ego's dream and YOUR dream for yourself. That is so beautiful!! All we truly want is to be loved and accepted just as we are. The funny thing is that once we start loving ourselves, our body weight naturally stabilises and balances. Thank you for your comment sweetheart xx

  5. Connie, it felt like you were saying this to me x

    1. Hi beautiful Bel! How perfect! We always get the message we need to hear and I am so happy that this post resonated so closely with you xx

  6. Hi Connie,

    Your post came at a perfect time!! Today I decided I am going to ask for a more fulfilling job that makes me happy and I am passionate about. The only problem is I am finding it hard to define my dreams to know what to exactly ask for. Currently I am resenting a job I have been in for 12 years but know I need to be grateful and look for the good things until my dream job comes to fruition.

    Thank you xox

  7. This is just the kind of motivation I needed today. I have some big changes on my horizon, things that both my husband and I have wanted to do for a while and I am not-so-quietly terrified! I need to stop focusing on my worry of failure and keep this mantra in mind! Thanks for the Monday Motivation!

  8. Hi Connie,

    I LOVE this post, thank you so much. I created a dream, and lived, breathed and believed in it for 4 years and just recently I accomplished this dream. I had never wanted something so much and I achieved it!! It seems ridiculous but after a brief moment of exhilaration, what I didn't expect was an incredible low upon succeeding?? I am trying to determine whether it was the scary finality and loss of something I had worked so hard for, or if I had just never really thought about life after the dream which led to a panic of what my next step was? Is this normal? I'd love some awesome Connie advice on life after goal fulfilment!
    Thanks so much.

  9. Goodness, it IS scary putting your dreams out there and being super honest!!

    If I could do anything, no limit, I would be a yoga teacher who earns enough teaching private classes to live by the beach and have 3 days off each week :) I would write as well, for my blog and freelance writing about yoga.

    Now to make this happen!!


  10. I love this post. Very inspirational :). I lately have been reevaluating what my passions and goals are since I will be graduating from college in December. The thought is crazy yet very exciting. I want to travel the world, keep cooking, blog and further develop my writing!

  11. Hi Connie, as with all your posts, thank you for being a creative spark that brings the softness & love back to mind! I am going through a transformational time tooooo! A few weeks ago I had some really inspired revelations which seemed like major aha moments, but not long after my fears started coming to surface more than ever!:( They have been nasty pieces of work and some issues from the past have sprung up to say hello. I am going through a process of learning to shine light on them though, by sending them blessings just as you mention :). Reading blogs like yours is one of those creative sparks that taps my creative spirit on the head and gets it going again. In times like this, I know my fear is trying to have the last word in, so I am much need of reminders.. thank you!

    As for goals & dreams, its still a work in process... but I see:
    - Being deeply in love with a partner in a wonderful life long relationship that continues my spiritual evolution
    - To write a book and get it published
    - To run meditation workshops and be able to improve the quality of life for a tonne of people
    - To be a wonderful conduit and inspirationist for health and happiness
    to a big tonne of people
    - To be at a place of wholeness, confidence and bliss within myself
    - House in the hills, see incredible sights with travel, rich, happy & hot (thank you Marie Forleo). all that jazz


    Thanks Connie x



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