11 March 2012


These days, I pride myself on having a very wholesome, healthy and nourishing relationship with food.  I have learnt how to love and support my body by choosing foods that give me energy and cleanse and strengthen my body. But it was not always that way. 

Prior to this, I had my fair share of food struggles, as many of us have. I fell victim to the external body image pressures to look a certain way and be a certain weight. At times, I forced myself to follow strict diets where I deprived myself. I was controlling and obsessive in my eating habits. My focus was not about whether or not my food was healthy, but rather whether or not it would keep me slim. Food often made me anxious, and at times brought out the worst in me.

Over the past few years I have finally managed to make peace with my body, my food and my appearance. I have learnt to prirotise my health, over anything else. I have learnt how to love and accept myself no matter what size I am. I have finally found a way to turn down the volume of that fear-driven and critical voice that pressured me to meet unrealistic external standards. And I have turned up the volume on the quieter inner voice that adores me and encourages me to treat myself with the highest level of love and care. 


Healing my relationship with food has taken work. It has been a long journey of not only learning about how to nourish my self with the right foods, but also how to nourish my self with the right thoughts. I have spent years educating myself about nutrition and healthy eating, and implementing practices of self care. 

I have also been educating myself on what can happen when you neglect your body, ignore it's signs and symptoms and live in denial about the effect that your bad eating habits are having. Often, it is not until you become acutely aware of the consequences of self-neglect and poor eating habits that you will become compelled to change. 

I encourage you to stop for a moment and take some time to think about your relationship with food and with your body;

+ What drives the decisions that you make about food? 
+ How do you feel about your body? 
+ Are there any ways that you are treating your body, that you know are not nourishing? 

If after some reflection, you come to the conclusion that you need to make some changes, I have the solution you are looking for... 

Make Peace With Your Plate is an e book created by one extremely inspiring and courageous woman named Jessica Ainscough. Jess is a holistic health coach on a mission to empower people to take control of their health through her blog The Wellness Warrior.  


I was lucky enough to have a copy of this book sent to me, by the gorgeous Jess herself. As soon as I opened it, I knew I was in store for something special. Not only is it visually gorgeous but it is absolutely overflowing with in-depth, scientifically based, inspiration packed information. This is the leading edge of health.

This book has the power to transform your relationship with food. It is informative and inspiring. And everything in it is tried and tested by Jess herself. Jess has a beautiful transparency about her, and she will tell you honestly and authentically about how she has transformed her own tumultuous relationship with food.

After a diagnosis of cancer, Jess took her health in to her own hands and embarked on a strict cleansing program called Gerson Therapy. As a result Jess has reversed her cancer, healed her body and discovered the secrets to true health.

Reading Jess' story absolutely blew my mind. This girl knows her stuff. 

What I love about this book, is that it empowers us to end our war with food and takes us back to our inherent nature of eating for self care. Simple. No nonsense. Back to basics. Jess will teach you what it takes for you to eat for health, and eat in ways that will nourish, heal and cleanse your body. There is no specific diet to follow, no calories to count and zero deprivation. On the contrary, Jess aims to liberate you of these old restrictive ways of eating, and re-educate you about what means to be truly healthy.

Here is a snippet of what Jess has to say:

"The only reason I can come at you with this 'Make Peace With Your Plate' talk is because I have experienced the benefits first hand. Not only have I reversed my cancer and saved  my life, but since then I haven't been worrying about whether the huge amounts of what I'm eating is making my ass grow. In no longer crave foods that I know are bad choices for my body, and I no longer feel guilty after I indulge in something sweet. That is the most liberating and empowering feeling ever. I don't deprive myself of anything; I don't starve myself; I don't count calories; and I don't ever feel like I'm missing out on something"


+   Why a plant based whole food diet is your secret to glowing skin, a rocking body and boundless energy

+ How to throw away those scales for good! Learn how you can eat whatever you want and still look amazing

+ A huge list of tips for getting your digestive system back to balance (plus, for all of you who have ever been curious about enema's, Jess gives you a step by step guide to doing one at home!)

+ The 4 sneaky foods that are actually doing you more harm than good

+ How going organic can take your health to a whole new level

+ 8 amazing tools to help you go beyond your place, and create emotional wellness and inner strength 

+ How balancing your body's PH will unlock your true health and reverse the ageing process

+ How to easily and effortlessly replace your old eating habits with brand new ones that will nourish you from the inside out

+  PLUS, you get a jam packed shopping list AND pages of health-boosting, delicious recipes to get you started on your own wellness warrior journey

I can not sing the praises of this beautiful woman enough. Make Peace With Your Plate is a book I will return to again and again. If you are curious to learn more about health, or are serious about wanting to create some empowering changes to your eating habits, I highly recommend you check it out!

Want to know more?
+ Read more about Jess at her site, The Wellness Warrior 
+ Or, pick up your very own copy of Make Peace With Your Plate. Buy the book here

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