14 March 2012


I would say that feeling inspired, is one of my favourite states to be in. I absolutely love how it feels. It is a feeling I intend to experience on a daily basis. And I do my utmost to ensure that I do.

One thing that has helped me connect with my inspiration, is having a love list. But now I am taking it one step further. I am creating an inspiration list.

Inspiration feels different for everyone. But when I feel inspired, I am moved, touched and ignited. I feel something shift inside me. Something is stirred. Awakened. 

Inspiration is defined by;

Creativity: Inspiration feeds the creative pulse. It begins the bubbling up of new ideas. The creative inner spark is ignited and an excitement washes over you.

Stimulation: Inspiration is a state of stimulation. Stimulation of your mind, your emotions and very often your whole body. It is an internal state that flows outwards and often calls you to action. 

New Ideas: It is in moments of inspiration where the new is birthed. It is where your heart and mind unite. The inner feeling inside triggers a chain of new ideas. You see yourself in a new way. You see what is possible. You discover something different or unique. You see something you desire to be, do or have, and it excites the crap out of you. 

Beauty: Inspiration carries with it a sense of beauty. I am deeply inspired by beauty. A beautiful sunset, a beautiful piece of music, a beautiful person. Seeing the beauty in something connects you with it's essence. Seeing the beauty in someone else inspires us to connect with the beauty in ourselves.

Spirit: I also came across this definition

"Inspiration : Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind"

I thought that was quite beautiful. 

Inspiration is how our intuition and inner guidance speaks to us. I would say that at the times we are most inspired, we are also at our most aligned. Aligned with our hearts. Aligned with our divine guidance. Aligned with our truth. Aligned with what we love. 


It seems lately that my life is becoming increasingly filled with more and more moments of inspiration. The more that I find myself revelling in the beauty of an inspired moment, the more of these gorgeous moments I seem to attract.

Want to know what gets my inspiration vibes buzzing? Here is my list.

+ Blogs: Written by other like-minded peeps who are sharing a rocking message, and changing the world one blog post at a time.

+ Walking: Outdoors primarily. Or anywhere really. Although along the beach, smelling amazing salty air is my preference. Followed by anywhere with lots of grass and big leafy trees.

+ Pinterest: Enough said.

+ Neatness: I love things to be clean, tidy and organised. My boyfriend thinks I have OCD. But I love how things look when they are neat. And I love the feeling of an organised space. Life just seems to flow more and work better when my external space is sorted

+ Mornings: Waking up before everyone else. Being outdoors as the sun rises.

+ Inspiring speakers: I love hearing people talk who have something beneficial and powerful to share. I literally stalk people on youtube whose messages I dig. I attend workshops and events wherever I can. I love hearing another person share their message.

+ Writing: Nothing inspires me more than feeling the creative juices flowing through me and having gorgeous ideas burst from my mind and on to the page.

+ Role Models: Hearing stories of people who have lived amazing lives. Who have done something phenomenal. Left a mark. Transformed failure in success. Poverty in to abundance. Sickness in to health. Discovered their potential.

+ Music. Beautiful lyrics and a great beat combined with a tune that makes you feel. And I love the sound of a unique vocalist. Eg: Thom Yorke. I love anything that guy sings.

+ Learning: I am most inspired when I am learning something new. Especially if it is on a topic I am passionate about.

+ Helping others: Seriously nothing gets me going more than seeing someone else change, grow, learn or become more, as a result of an interaction with me.

+ The body: How amazing is the human body. Really. 

+ Authenticity: Have you ever met someone who truly knows themselves? Really knows who they are. They live and breathe their truth. The energy that this type of person gives off is phenomenal.

+ Beautiful Imagery: I love photography. I think portraits rock. But I pretty much adore anything taken by a super talented person who can captures the beauty of people and places. 

+ Health. It is an obsession. Discovering new healthy ways of nourishing my body excites me. Yep, I get a kick out of being healthy, and I love finding ways to be even healthier.

+ Connection: I seriously adore my a life of perfect days readers. You guys rock my world. Receiving positive and beautiful feedback from the readers of this blog inspires me to no end.

+ Yoga: Being in a class with the lights dimmed, a gorgeous teacher and divine music sets my heart on fire. Lying on my yoga mat in shavasana is my bliss. 

+ Meditating: Solves every problem.

+ Random acts of kindness: Have you ever seen a stranger do something nice for another stranger? And you just get to sit back and watch it? It totally reignites my faith in our inherent human nature.

+ Earthiness: I know it sounds strange but I quite like the rich, moist smell of dirt. I find it calming and grounding. Nothing is more inspiring than planting your own seeds in beautiful earth and watching them blossom in to flowers, or better yet, veggies!

+ Fitness: I love getting fit. No better feeling than knowing you are getting stronger, better, faster. I love the feeling of knowing my body is responding to what I am doing and I am making improvements. 

+ Books: The power of the written word knocks my socks off. I love reading creative words that are delicately and beautifully pieced together to create powerful impact.

+ Transformation: One of my favourtie tv shows is The Biggest Loser. Why? Because I get to see people transform. Live out their potential and change who they are. I totally dig that stuff. Seeing someone else become their best, inspires me to want to become my best too.


Not quite sure? Try these steps:

+ Start by taking time to discover what inspires you. What gets you excited, stirs up your creative juices, ignites new ideas and gets you wanting to take new actions?
+ Write out your own inspiration list
+ Find ways to surround yourself with these things as often as possible.
+ Create inspiration boards on your computer, on pinterest, on your wall, on a cork board
+ In those moments of inspiration, stop and revel in it. Lap it up. Embrace it. The more that you enjoy it, the more you will attract more similar experiences.
+ And then write them down so you can draw on them in the future.

And last but not least..
+ Leave a comment below and share with me your big fat beautiful list of things that inspire you!


  1. Love this post Connie!
    Dogs show love in everything around them.

    They forgive straight away and appreciate the small things.
    They show that all is equal by playing with other dogs by just running around and being free regardless weather they are bigger, smaller or what colour the other dog is.
    It puts things into perspective for me to see that love and forgiveness doesn’t have to come at a price and it is real.

    1. Thanks Lady Lulu!! It is true - animals are a huge source of inspiration. Not only for their energy and love of life, but also for the unconditional love they show to everyone and everything. Thanks for your comment xx

  2. What a gorgeous list and I agree with so many of them! I am inspired mostly be people and the amazing things they do, say and create. The positivity and ambition of others is constantly motivating me to challenge myself!
    Thanks for the lovely post! xx

    1. I so agree Kimberley. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing other people who are doing and creating amazing things in the world!! They remind us what we are capable of, and they are the role models that encourage us to become bigger and better versions of ourselves! So glad you enjoyed the post

  3. What a gorgeous post, full of happy energy. I love your list. I'm inspired by every single one of the things you mentioned. I fully intend to sit down and create my own inspiration list. Thanks for the motivation!

    1. Hi Rebecca, so cool that you will be creating your own inspiration list as a result of this post! I would love to hear what is on it? Thanks for stopping by xx

    2. Ps: rebecca, I LOVE your site!!! xxx

    3. Hi Connie. I only just checked back and saw your reply. Thank you so much! I'm so pleased you like my site, particularly since yours is one of my favourites :) Honestly, that's such a compliment and I really appreciate it.

      I haven't sat down to create that inspiration list yet, although I do write one every week with my Sunday Savasana series. Words are my primary source of inspiration. I love reading about new ideas and hearing motivational speakers. I'm currently working my way through all the calls in last year's WISH Summit before I get started on this year's. I don't know if you've come across it? It's amazing.

  4. Hey Connice, this is a really inspiring post itself. I am inspired by my deep inner self. I just listen to it and move on. For now, my inspired self I should email you as soon as possible. Check you inbox ;)

  5. Hey Jaky thanks for your comment. Just had a quick look over at your blog, and I love the message you are sharing too! So awesome that you say you are inspired by your 'deep inner self'. How amazing!! That is the best place to find your true inspiration. I checked my inbox and I am still yet to receive an email. Send one through when you have a chance!

  6. Oh thank´s for your inspiration !!! I found your blog today!! Wow!!
    Now I`m going to do my own long long list!! I´m entusiastic and high in flow..!!Have a most beautiful day ever!!



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