07 March 2012


Soaked nuts (left) vs. Not soaked (right)

Lately, I have been soaking my nuts.

And loving it.

Soaking your nuts in water, for around 8 hours before you eat them, is one of those tips you often read about in health books.  And as much as it sounds good in theory, I always felt it was a tad overkill.

There have been numerous times that I have thought to myself "yeah, I should really do that". Yet that thought never seemed to translate in to action. I always felt a bit "meh" about it, like, "do I really need to soak them..? Surely they are just as nutritious and delicious just as they are! Right?"

Think again.

Now that I have began soaking them there is no going back. Not only are they plumper, softer and easier to digest, but I am secretly enjoying my little nightly soaking ritual. You would be surprised at how damn easy it is!!


Before I go to bed at night, all I do is...

+ Throw a couple of handfuls of almonds (or whatever nut you desire) in to a strainer
+ Rinse them under water
+ Put them in a bowl
+ Cover them with water
+ Add a sprinkling of salt
+ Let them soak overnight

Then in the morning I...

+ Pour them back in to the strainer
+ Rinse them again
+ Put them in a container and store in the fridge

Simple. As. That.


+ Raw chocolate pudding: I have previously written about my raw chocolate pudding recipe, although that particular one did not include almonds. I am now making a sugar free version of my pudding which does include nuts. To make it blend together 1/4 of an avocado, a handful of soaked almonds, cinnamon, raw cacao powder and water. It is very rich, but also very delish!

+ Sprinkle them with (healthy) salt: Because the nuts are moist and soft, they soak up the salt and it creates a delicious flavour combination.

+ Home made almond milk: Hmm, to be honest, I am actually yet to do this, but I am going to. And when I do, there will definitely be a post about it! Stay tuned.

+ Toss them in salads: They add such an amazing texture and flavour to salads, plus they are a wonderful little protein booster.

+ Eat them, as is!


+ Nuts contain a substance called phytic acid which binds with certain nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc and inhibits their absorption. Over time this can lead to mineral deficiency. When you soak the nuts, you start to break down the phytic acid, which in turn reduces the chance that your precious minerals and vitamins will not be absorbed.

+ Nuts also contain enzyme inhibitors. These inhibitors interfere with our digestion because they effect the enzymes in our stomach that break down our food. So if you have ever found yourself with a tummy ache after eating a bag of nuts, you now know why! When you soak the nuts, you draw out these inhibitors in to the water. Adding the salt to the water really helps this process.

+ Soaked nuts are yummier! They develop a much richer and sweeter flavour and in fact makes them feel as though they are fresh and alive, rather than dry, hard and stale.

So, over to you...
+ Are you a nut-soaker?
+ Leave a comment and share your experiences, tips and recipes!


  1. I too have always though 'yep I should soak nuts but who has time' but I am a convert a majority of the time, still find it difficult for snacking though!

    Made some amazing cashew 'sour cream' last night to go with raw tacos and although I am not vegan I am an absolute convert - it was so good and just felt lighter, but still gave that creamy hit you need with mexican! Just soaked cashews overnight, then put in the food processor with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and a little water (recipe from my new roots blog).

    I have read a few things that say just soaking overnight (at room temp) is enough and you don't need to rinse the next day as the phylates are broken down - haven't read about the enzyme inhibitors though.

    I have been soaking my bircher muesli in water overnight lately and it makes all the nuts delicious and plump! Looking forward to hearing about your 'soaked nut' recipes!

  2. Hello miss jazziefizzle! That raw sour cream sounds amazing. I have had it with a 'raw nachos' at a cafe in melbourne which was delicious. How good is my new roots! I made her raw cashew dream cake, which uses a sweet version of the cashew cream and it was pretty amazing.

    The main reason I rinse my nuts is because I have found that as soon as I put them in the water, some brown stuff starts to come off them. Maybe it is because the nuts I buy arent that great, but I wanted to make sure they were clean before I soaked them. I thought rinsing them was good because all the enzyme inhibitors are drawn out in to the water and so it defeats the purpose if you are allowing the nuts to just sit in the water with them.

    Soaking grains is a great idea too. I love soaking oats/muesli rather than cooking it as it means you can eat is raw, but as you mentioned all the ingredients get soft and plump

    Thanks for your comment, and BTW I love your blog!

    Connie xx

  3. Hi, Connie,
    I read ur 5-6 blogs today only and I liked it so much..Specially category of Law of Attraction, keep writing about practical use of it.



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