15 March 2010


Do you ever find that life just doesn't go your way? Do you sometimes find that despite all your best efforts, things just don't work out as you had planned? I do, and I have a tendency to get quite frustrated when it happens!

You see, I understand the law of attraction, and I have seen it work in my life. I believe that I am the creator of everything I experience and I take 100% responsibility for whatever comes to me. Therefore, I am very attentive to what I experience day to day and I am always fascinated to understand how what ive been thinking or feeling attracted something to me.

However, sometimes, it feels like this law just isn't working for me. I seem to do all the right things, yet I don't get the result that I want. I used to think that I must have been doing something wrong, but now I see it another way.

The Ego vs. The Soul
You see, there are 2 ways you can live your life. One is from the mind/ego where you believe you run the show. You make the decisions. You choose your path. You believe you know what is right for you and you go after it. The other way, is more spiritual. It is where you realise that your higher self actually knows everything, not you. You come to know that you are merely a vehicle for your spirit to express itself.

We may think we are just are purely our mind and body, but in fact we are a spiritual being that has come forth in to this life with a purpose and a mission. There are things to learn and soul qualities that require developing. Part of living from this place means dropping the arrogant ego belief that we know best and actually acknowledging that we know nothing compared to our higher self and the universal mind.

Sometimes what you want for you, isn't actually what your higher self wants for you. When things don't work out, it may just be that the way you think it is all supposed to unfold is actually not in line with the larger plan.

The universe may in fact block what you want from coming to you because you are not yet ready to receive it, or because more inner work needs to be done before you get it. It may take you off on a side track or push you down the rabbits hole in order for you to learn some soul lessons. It may feel like you are going backwards for a bit. You may be thrown in to a very challenging situation that will cause you to change who you are in order to cope. You may be given a big task to tackle or a big problem to overcome.

Find the Light in the Darkness
These challenges will force you to have to grow inside yourself in order to survive them. These times can often be called the dark night of the soul as you are pushed up a against a wall and forced to find a new way to solve your problem. It may feel like a scary and uncertain time. But if you are willing to look beyond the outer experience you may find a deeper meaning.

These challenges may force you to go inwards, to heal some old hurts, to learn to love yourself, to release some fears, to learn to forgive, to learn inner strength or courage. If you are willing to do this inner work, you will find the light in the darkness.

The best way to deal with these times is to just let go and surrender to the process. Rather than fighting it or trying to fix it or trying to change it or runaway from it, just be with it.

Accept this experience for what it is. Refrain from labelling something as bad or wrong. Let go of the need to judge the now. Stop projecting stories from the past on to this moment. Stop ruining the beautiful now with fears of the future. Accept where you are. Embrace it. Open your arms and say yes to whatever the universe is delivering to you.
You may not be able to see the big picture right now. You might not be able to understand why on earth this is happening to you. But trust me, there is a reason. There is a grand plan that you are a part of. Sometimes if you are not following that plan, your higher self will step in and mess things up for a while in order to wake you up.
We are all being called to wake up right now. The world is falling apart and in order for us to heal our planet we all must first wake up in ourselves

Lovingly embrace whatever challenges are delivered to you. Do not worry if things are not turning out as you planned. Trust that there is a higher force at play in your life that is guiding you and can see the bigger picture. Be at peace with where you are and with whatever is coming to you, and be willing to do the inner work to heal the outer struggle.


  1. Hey. Thanks so much for your email!
    I'm usually a very cynical, pessimistic person, so getting your mail helped! :)

  2. Love this Connie. It relates to alot of what Im going through at the moment. The challenges that Im going through are truely a blessing because they are realy the steps I need to take to Live My Balance.

    This helps me move through them alot faster and with less frustration. Its all stuff that I have to address to live that ideal life I have set out for me.

    Enjoy the ride is my new perspective, lol.

    Keep it up, your doing a fantastic job

  3. i love this. Love love love. Especially that last paragraph, it all resonates. You are brilliant :)

  4. Connie, it was really only last year that I began to embrace this philosophy. I always turn to the line in Desiderada which says,

    "And whether or not it is clear to you,
    No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."

    This I truly believe, and it's helped me find peace. It is a struggle at times, to not want to rage against unwanted change. But I believe that experiencing the good times and the bad equally are necessary if we are to become who we are meant to be.

  5. Connie, your blog is so incredibly inspirational, I am glad I have discovered it :) you are wise well beyond your years!

    I always believe in this mantra as well. I never think that I CAN'T do something. Staying positive has always helped me through life.


  6. This is a wonderful post. Thank you so much for writing it. I'll definitely continue reading as it seems there are some real jewels here, thanks!

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog... it is so hard finding people around my parts who like and are into the same things as I am. what social networking sites and facebook sites do you use?



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