Hello there! My name is Connie, and I am a certified Transformation Coach. I am a writer + blogger, a green juice love and a joy seeker. I am on an avid mission to empower as many people as I can to live their very best life.

I am here to help re-connect you with your dreams, get you moving forward towards them, and support you to power through anything and everything that may be stopping you from living the deeply fulfilling and blissful life that you deserve. 

I would absolutely love to work with you. Not only so that I can support you to achieve everything in your life that you have ever dreamed of. But so that you can experience the joy that comes from moving past your limitations and becoming your most beautfiful and authentic self. 

There is freedom and empowerment in that. And it is the reason we are all here.

  • Have you have been inspired by what you have read here, and you want more?
  • Do you know you want to change some aspects of your life, but you have no idea where to start or how to do it?
  • Do you feel you would benefit from some specific and individual support with the personal challenges you are encountering in your own life?
  • Are you are ready to create powerful change and live the life you have always dreamed of, and you are ready to do whatever it takes to do this?

Sound like you? Well, read on sweet pea.

"Making the decision to reach out and ask Connie to coach me was the best gift I had given myself in a very long time. Prior to working with Connie I found myself making slow progress in many areas of my life. Connie was the miracle I had been praying for. She helped me get inside my head and my heart and bring to the surface all the things that I really desired for myself. She guided me through the tough blocks and truly helped me flourish in a relatively short space of time. I learnt so much about myself during that time with Connie, that I will be forever grateful for her guidance and friendship. The world needs more empowering and inspiring women like Connie" 

Jennifer Kennedy: Blogger + Chief Positivity Pimp at

"Inspiring, intuitive and wise beyond her years is how I would describe Connie. Having worked with Connie over the past couple of months I can wholeheartedly recommend her life coaching services. If you're having trouble finding motivation, stuck in a job you don't love, want to change your outlook on life.. (the list goes on!) take the first step in the right direction, by contacting Connie. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical as to what a 'life coach' does.. now I know - she will help you define what you want, how to get it and when you're going to get it. Do the work and get the results (oh and she will hold you accountable). Enrich your life and get a coach.

Vanessa Davies: Sydney, NSW 

"Working with Connie has been transformational to say the least. I have gone from someone who wanted to change my life but had no idea where to start, to being confident on my own chosen path and where these changes will eventually lead me. Connie is nothing but supportive of every idea, no matter how small or silly, and I can always rely on her to give me gentle guidance or a kick-up-the-bum - whichever is needed! Connie is a beautiful soul who I feel privileged to have worked with"                                                                      

Belinda Leskiw, VIC


You get: 

+ A 60 minute coaching session filled with mindset shifts, limitation breakthroughs, reconnection with your truth, crystal clear clarity, unbelievable self awareness,  and concrete steps to transform dreams in to realities.  
+ A follow up email which includes a wrap up of our session plus some powerful action steps which I will happily hold you accountable for.
+ Email access to me between sessions should you need a mindset check up or loving push in the right direction.

I offer coaching in person in the Sydney area. If you live outside of Sydney, I can offer sessions by phone or skype.  

Your Investment: $120 per session

3 session package: $320

6 session package: $620

BOOKINGS: Please email me at with the subject line Coaching Sessions

If you are new to coaching and would like the chance to speak to me before jumping in to a session, you are welcome to book in for an initial complimentary chat to see if coaching is for you.

"Being able to work with Connie has quite literally changed my life. I was working in what I thought was my dream job, but I no longer felt ALIVE anymore. I just felt lost, nothing really engaged me. I was blocked by my fears and assumption of how work or life had to look like. Connie is an extremely skilled guide that helped me restructure my entire outlook towards life. I now no longer doubt myself and I am moving effortlessly towards the life I want and choose. By far the smartest investment I ever made"

Elissa Kerpen, Sydney NSW 

"Connie is an angel! I have worked with psychologist and psychotherapists in the past and none of them have helped me uncover and release deep seated unconscious patterns that Connie was able to, in just one session together! I trust Connie completely and know that she truly sees me for who I am and truly hears what it is I want to achieve, Together we are working towards revealing the best version of me to the world, and I can't wait"

"I am so very grateful for the opportunity to work with Connie, there is something very special about her style and approach. Connie helped me work through a number of exercises which guided me to realise what it was I really wanted, and what I would have to do to achieve it. I am now at my happiest. I am really beginning to figure out who I am, and I am living my life to the full. My career is also moving to it's next level.  Connie is warm, supportive, inspiring and caring. I love how her coaching guided me to realise where I wanted to go, and most importantly why I couldn't let go. By the end of our coaching sessions I had a fire in my belly. I knew what to do, and where I was going. Thanks so much Connie!"  

Bec Sheehan, VIC


You get:

+ An initial 60 minute phone or skype session to clarify what you want to achieve in our month together and to blast through any blocks that stand in your way.
+ Emails filled to the brim with powerful questions, self-empowerment exercises and fun homework to get you taking leaps and bounds towards your dreams.
+ One month of unlimited email access to me for support and guidance as you need it.

Your Investment: $250 per month

Bookings: Please email me at with the subject line Email Coaching

"Working with Connie is such an honour. Her kind nature and gentle approach allowed me to reflect on myself and helped me tackle big hurdles in my world. Connie allowed me to feel comfortable with my discussions and helped me tap in to my inner guidance. Before working with Connie I let my 'ego' control a lot of things that I deep down wanted to do, but I let these fears hold me back denying myself of living authentically. I now realise that I am just right the way I am, and nothing is more important that individuality. Thank you Connie"

Emily Currie: Health Coach, Melbourne VIC

"I have been a follower of Connie's blog for quite a while and her posts always touched me in different ways. I wanted to work with Connie because I knew there was something out there for me but I didn't know what I wanted or where to start. During the short time that Connie has been coaching me, she has helped me discover the real truth to the blocks that I have had for years. Blocks including feelings of unworthiness and self doubt. Connie is teaching me how to feel these feelings and work through them. She supports me and helps me believe that I am worthy of a great life and that it is acheivable. Now, I am beginning to plan the life I truly want and with Connie's help, turn my dreams in to goals, and goals in to realities"

Celeste Daymond: Wellington, NZ

Interested, but want to know a little more about me first? Click here.

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