18 November 2012


Over the past few weeks of this project, we have been working on the process of manifestation, and to wrap up manifestation month  I am going to work with you on your focus as I believe this plays a really powerful role in your ability to manifest. 

This week I will be sharing 5 super powerful techniques (that I frequently use in my own life) that you can use to shift your focus, and change your results.


The amazing thing about focus is that it has the ability to shift the way you are feeling in an instant. If you are focusing on how far away you are from your goal, you will probably feel disheartened and frustrated. But as soon as you shift to thinking about how far you have come in the past 12 months, what amazing actions steps you have already taken, and the results you have already achieved, you will no doubt feel empowered, proud and totally re-motivated. 

A change of focus = a change of feeling. Instantly.

The other key factor is that focus is an attraction tool. We get what we focus on. What we put our attention on expands. What we think about, we bring about. In order to attract what you want in to your life, you have to be putting your attention, energy and focus on it. 

In order to attract what you want,  you must be focusing on the having of it not the lack of it

There is a subtle, yet significant difference.

In order to attract what you want, you have to focus on;

+ What is working, rather what is not working
+ What you have got, rather than what you haven't
+ The feeling of having what you want, rather than the absence of what you want
+ What you have achieved rather than what you haven't
+ How far you have come, rather how far you have to go

In this week's VLOG I share a really powerful example from my own life where I experienced first hand the amazing results that can come from using your focus effectively. I was able to achieve a really big goal of mine and create some amazing results in 3 months, and in this video I explain how I did it. I discuss the 5 powerful techniques I used to fix my focus, and you will find these explained in more detail below.


1. Celebrate the match
A technique I learnt from Michael Losier, is something he calls 'celebrating the closeness of the match'. When you attract something in to your life that isn't perfect, do not dismiss it and say 'this is not what I want'. Instead celebrate how close of a match it was to what you want. Using this technique, you celebrate all the aspects that match what you want, rather than focusing on all the aspects that are not a match.

Let's say you are wanting to attract a new relationship in to your life, and as a result you have started going on some dates. As you go along on these dates, you find yourself meeting men who are not a perfect match to what you are after. You can either continue to focus on how 'wrong' they are, or you can focus on the aspects of them that are 'right'. One of them may not appeal to you physically, but perhaps we has all the personality characteristics you are looking for. Another one may not have the personality you are after, but perhaps the two of you actually have all the same interests. So, celebrate how great it is that you attracted something which matches parts of what you want!

2. Acknowledge your success, daily
At the end of every day, I recommend you sit down and write a list of everything that happened which is a match what you want. This practice will focus your attention on what is working, what is happening and the progress you are making.

If you are working towards health and fitness goals, you can record the exercise you did, or the great things you ate that day, or anything else you did to move you towards your end result. Or let's say you are wanting to build your business, make notes of any great emails you received or sent, any powerful actions steps you took and any study or reading you did to help you learn more about growing your business.

I know the times that I feel flat about my business, or lack motivation, is when my mind is focused on all the things that have not happened yet and how far I feel from my goal. But as soon as I shift my thinking, and I focus on what I have done and how far I have come, I feel completely different.

3. Practice gratitude
Gratitude is such a powerful practice. It completely shifts your focus and enables you to connect with how unbelievably blessed you are, and all of the wonderful things you have in your life. You can express gratitude for the things you have in your life, the people you love, the experiences you have had, the things that bring you happiness. You can be grateful for things in the past or present. And you can also say thank you in advance for all the magical things that are coming your way.

I have recently began a morning and evening gratitude practice. When I wake up in the morning I do not allow myself to get out of bed until I think of 5 things I am grateful for. The same happens before I go to bed at night. This is such a beautiful way to start and end your day, as it not only makes you feel awesome, but programs your unconscious mind to notice more of the great things about your life.

4. Act as if
If you want to get yourself focusing on the feeling of having something that you want, the practice of 'acting as if' is a great one. You want to get in to the feeling place of acting as though what you want is already here.

As an example, I have recently been experiencing some delays in getting my new website built. Initially I found myself becoming frustrated and I became aware how much I was focusing on the fact that my website was not ready yet. So, I decided to shift my focus. Rather than waiting to create all my content until the site was underway, I decided to just 'act as if' the site was already done. I have been creating all the content for my pages, working on the 2 ebooks that I will have available on the site, and also pulling together the new and juicy coaching packages and programs that will be available.

Now that I have been giving my attention to the 'having' of my site rather than the lack of it, I have been feeling so much better. I feel completely at ease about the process, rather than feeling stressed and impatient. Plus, I feel so much more motivated to create content for a site that I already feel exists.

5. Get visual
Part of using our focus effectively is ensuring we are giving a lot of our attention to what we want. There is no point setting some beautiful goals and then never thinking about them again. We must spend time each day connecting with what we want, and having visual prompts is a great way to do this.

You can create a vision board with bright and colourful images of all the things you are creating. You can put affirmations, desire statements and goals up on your wall or on your bathroom mirror to remind you of the person you becoming.

You can also use calendars which help you countdown to your goal. I am working with a client at the moment who is working towards leaving her job at the end of January 2013, so she can do the work she loves. I have encouraged her to create a countdown calendar to help her focus on what she is working towards. This practice has enabled her to become really excited about her end result, and has increased her motivation to follow through on the action needed to get her there.


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