04 November 2012


Visualisation is an extremely important practice if you want to manifest your dreams. It not only focuses your thoughts on what you want to create, but it also helps get you in to the feeling place of having your desire.

We must remember that everything that exists in our world started as thought. Through thinking about something, imagining it, feeling it and connecting with it energetically, we are actually already starting to manifest it.

Also,  as I mentioned in the Week 5 VLOG, it is our feelings and our vibration that draws what we want to us. When we practice visualisation we are working to get ourselves in to vibrational harmony with our desire by getting to the feeling of having it now.

It is so important to be giving off the energy of having what you want, rather than the lack of it. In order for your desires to manifest, you need to feel expectant, certain, calm and confident about your desire. You can use your imagination to do this, by connecting with your desire in your mind. Through connecting with it energetically, you are actually taking the first step to manifesting it in the physical world.


In today's VLOG I share about the importance of creating our desires energetically first, before we attempt to go out in to the world and create them through action. I hope you enjoy it!

Below the video, I teach you how to actually use this meditation and visualisation practice to help you manifest.


+ The first step of manifesting, is working with the energy around our desire.  We can do this simply by spending time each day sitting with a meditation and visualisation practice.

+ Before you attempt to start visualising, just spend some time relaxing and centering yourself. Sit still, breathe deeply, and just allow your mind to calm and slow down.

+ One you feel relaxed, gently start to play with images in your mind of what you want. Do not force yourself to think in certain ways if it feels stressful or uncomfortable. The aim of this activity is to feel good. If it does not make you feel good, then just go back to your meditation practice until you feel more relaxed. Visualistion should not feel like a chore!

+ Start imagining what you want to create. Imagine having your desire, now. Imagine what life will be like once this desire is manifested. See pictures in your mind, hear the sounds, see yourself living in this way. Start to feel the feelings of having your desire. Feel the excitement and happiness you will feel when it is real. Keep imagining your desire and see how real you can make it. Keep doing this until you reach a point where you feel very connected to your desire and really good about it.

+ Through this process you are literally creating your desire on the energetic plane. Once you connect with your energetically, it already exists. It is done. Then, from that place you will naturally feel inspired to follow through with action to create it.

+ Once you come out of meditation I want you to write a number from 1-10 to indicate how connected and aligned you felt with your desire. 10 indicates that your desire feels really real to you and that you feel totally expectant about it coming, and that you know it is done. You will be feeling calm, confident, happy, excited, optimistic and totally aligned with it.

+ Repeat the meditation and visualisation practice every day for one week. Every day write down a number from 1-10 to indicate how good and how connected you felt to your desire. See how this number changes over the course of the week. + Some people like to journal after their meditation and visualisation, as they like to reflect on their experience and learnings. If you feel drawn to, keep a little journal of your experiences this week.

+ Through the week also take time to jot down any inspired ideas you receive about actions you can take to manifest your dream, or any opportunities, people or things that come in to your life to support the manifestation of your dream.


  1. BIG LOVE TO YOU, Connie! :) This is wonderful!

  2. Connie have anyone tell you how amazing you are? Well, you are an amazing human bieng and I am honor to be learning from you. Since I started this program with you I feel more happy, I am enjoying my children more and I am living my life not my life living me anymore. Thank you so much. I love this week work and I am looking forward to the changes this will bring into my life.

    From New York

  3. Connie your videos get better and better every week. This visualization practice is exactly what I needed to bring back into my life this week! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and light with us again this week!



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