21 October 2012


So my loves, you found the Week 3 worksheet a little challenging I hear? That is wonderful!

If it was easy you would not be growing. If it was simple it would not be causing you to strech. If it were not so hard, you would not have to dig so deep to get it done.

So many of us run from what challenges us. We spend our whole life avoiding those things that are difficult. We resist facing our resistance.

I am sorry to break it to you, but living that way is not going to get you anywhere. It will simply keep you stuck in your comfort zone and avoiding anything that needs to be done to achieve your dreams because you label it as "too hard"

So, if I challenged you this week, awesome! I hope I pushed you in to what was uncomfortable and made you face it. And in this process, I hope I helped you grow.


We are now one month in to the 90 day project, and this week's work is all about checking in with yourself and asking - Am I getting the results that I want?

If your answer is yes, then awesome, keep doing that! But if your answer is no, then you need to get honest and find out what needs to change. What do you need to do differently? What do you need to stop doing? And who do you need to be in order to get the results you want?

In the VLOG below I share a bit more about the week 4 work, and you will be receiving the worksheet in your inboxes shortly. Plus, I also share some exciting news about the Resistance-Busting Tool Kit ebook that I am going to create. Yay!

Below this video I also share my responses to the week 4 work so you can see how my 90 day project is going so far.


+ I resigned from my full time job

+ I have come up with the idea and structure for my first e book

+ Attracted 2 casual jobs to support me financially while I set up my coaching practice

+ Exceeded my monthly coaching income goal

+ Got the ball rolling on my new website, got myself a photographer for some professional pics and finalised my logo design

+ Recorded 4 VLOGS (which a few weeks ago was totally out of my comfort zone and to some extent still is!)


+ That there is never a perfect time. The only time is now.

+ The Universe rewards courage.

+ As soon as you make the decision to commit 100% to living authentically and following your heart your whole life will begin to shift, instantly.

+ It is in the unknown that magic and miracles happen.

+ That my self-doubt is endless, but that I have a choice as to what I will make this mean and whether or not I will allow it stop me.

+ Being vulnerable (and imperfect) is beautiful.

+ When you are willing to let go of the old, you create a beautiful empty space that allows the new to rush in at lightening speed.

+ That I still have an old pattern lingering around where I feel that meeting the needs of others is more important than meeting my own.


+ Getting back in to my 6am exercise routine.

+ Tuning in to my inner guidance whenever a decision needs to be made, and following through on it's direction without question.

+ Being willing to do whatever it takes to achieve what I want, even if I am afraid.

+ My daily green smoothies.

+ Persevering past resistance, being willing to just keep showing up even if I have no idea what I am doing, and never quitting.

+ Speaking kindly to myself even when I feel I failed at something, or didn't do it perfectly, or could have done it better.


+ Allowing my needs and self care practices to get bumped to the bottom of my to do list (and being in denial about this)

+ Undervaluing myself and my gifts.

+ Doing so much 'to-doing' that there is no space left for creativity.  


+ Allocate creative time where there is no time restriction and I can just allow creative thoughts to flow through me without force or pressure

+  Schedule in my self-care time (eg: yoga, reading, walks outdoors, meditation etc) as non negotiable time

+ Release the feeling of guilt that arises when I do not reply to people's emails within a few days (or at all!)

+ Raise my coaching rates to ensure I am valuing my self, my services and my time

+ Put my needs at the top of my list (thank you to the beautiful Tara Bliss and her gorgeous e book for the reminder on that one!)

Have a beautiful week my darlings. Big love to you all xx


  1. Connie, this is absolutely beautiful! This project is wonderful and I am so glad to be involved it. I am so excited for you for creating an e-book - BRILLIANT!!! Week 3 was tough for me, but I showed up daily and have learned SO MUCH about myself that it just excites me beyond my belief! You are such a shining beacon of light! and to many of us! Thank you, dear! HUGE eternal, energy hug from around the world. :)

  2. Connie! You are soo soo soo inspiring!! I admire you so much and I hope someday I can radiate as much energy and excitement as you.

  3. So inspiring lovely! I loved reading this post! I personally faced the same thing - you literally have to dive in 100% hey! No fear!!!! Once you take that first step - you just sit back and let the good times roll hehe!

  4. I know this post is a little bit "older," but I stumbled across your blog and I've been enjoying reading through some of the older posts. This one in particular is resonating with me! I'm having SO MUCH INNER RESISTANCE in my life lately and I've wanted to crumble, give up, hide, start over. But something keeps me going. It can be different on any given day, but maybe it's a friend, or a quote, or a blog. Either way, it gives me confidence on the decision I made on how to live my life and the faith in the bigger picture. I've been asking God/the Universe/Life for a greater purpose and a way to achieve it, but my fears often get in the way. ALL THAT SAID: Thanks for being so authentic and transparent in your journey. It's inspiring and this post in particular has really spoken to me. Thank you!



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