14 May 2011


For the past ten years, I have dedicated much of my spare time to studying and learning about the fields of self-development, spirituality, human potential and the mind. During this time, I have become increasingly fascinated by this Universe we live in and how it all works. I started my journey with books by people such as Tony Robbins who teaches us to set big goals, smash through our limiting beliefs, and make things happen in our lives. However, over more recent years I have become drawn to more softer approaches which are less about trying to be the richest, most successful human possible, but rather about how to reconnect with our true essence and work with the Universal Laws to turn the dreams and desires of our soul in to a reality.

I started experimenting with the Law of Attraction around the time that The Secret came out, and since then the teachings of Esther and Jerry Hicks have expanded my awareness of these concepts even more. I began to understand that I was a spiritual being here on Earth participating in the school of life. I began to understand that I was actually the creator of my life and that by changing he way that I thought and felt, I could actually change my whole world.

I have dabbled in and out of using these practices over the years. Sometimes I am very conscious and aware of what i am thinking and the consequent results I am getting. Other times my mind simply runs on autopilot, life just seems to happen to me and I spend my days just reacting to the events around me. The one thing I know if that when I do really use and apply these principles, magic happens, literally. And when I don't...well, life pretty much sucks. 

So, this brings me to what this post is all about - the 100 Day Project. An opportunity to apply everything that I know from all that I have learnt over the past decade, and then track the results and experiences that come about from this conscious application of Universal principles.

So, what is the 100 Day Project?
In this project, you start by setting intentions for what you would like to do, achieve, have or experience during a 100 day period. You then use a range of tools, strategies, daily practices and different techniques to support the manifestation and creation of your desires. However, this is unlike a usual goal program where you decide on your end result and then work as hard as you can to make it happen. Rather, this project is about inner transformation. Although many of the intentions you set may be outwardly focused with the purpose of getting something or doing something, this is not the main aim of the project. The real purpose is to get you to actually turn inward.

If you know anything about how this Universe works (or if you have been reading along on this blog) you will know that everything is about energy. Through the energy and vibration you give off, the Law of Attraction then lines up and brings you whatever is an energetic match. Your inner world, which includes your thoughts, feelings, energy, perceptions, emotions, visions, and what you focus on, creates and alters your outer world experience. The work of the 100 Day Project involves making changes to your inner world and then sitting back and watching how the outer world shifts and changes itself around you. 

This may sound a bit woo woo but I have experienced this phenomenon first hand countless times. When you commit to this work and really apply it, you will honestly be amazed by how the Universe just lines everything up that you need. I have tried it, tested it and I know it to be true. I can tell you now that the very best manifestations I have ever had in my life have come from setting an intention, working with my energy and then letting go and allowing the Universe to work it's magic. This requires trust, faith, patience and self-discpline. Your analytical mind will try to jump in and take over to make things happen it's way. The challenge is to learn how to be relaxed, detached, expectant and to feel good while you wait for everything to come together.

A word about action...
The fact that this project is mainly about inner transformation and energy work, does not mean that it is also not about action! Taking action is a huge component of this project. You cannot simply sit at home visualising and meditating and expect everything you want to just fall in your lap. The key though is when you take action and what type of action you take. Before you even think about taking action toward making something happen, you must first work with your energy. You must start by thinking the right thoughts, generating the right feelings, and giving off the right vibration. Only then will you feel inspired to act and the action itself will feel enjoyable and effortless rather than painful and forced. You will be amazing at how much more fruitful and successful your action is too. 

When you take action from a place of fear, neediness or a place of lack, and you are trying to make something happen in your time, it will not feel good and you will not get good results. This is where learning to listen to your intuition, following your gut instinct and learning to tap in to your higher guidance really helps!

What is the aim of the 100 Day Project?
Each person's project will be individual to them. For me, the project has 4 aims.

1. Feeling Good
There is nothing more important through the process of this project, than feeling good. You want to experience emotions such as joy, peace, excitement, hope, love, inspiration, eagerness, bliss and flow as much as possible. You need to remember that the Law of Attraction matches the energy and feelings that you give off. If you are frequently omitting happy and positive vibes, you will attract more positive experiences and things that make you happy!

Feeling good all the time is not necessarily realistic and in many circumstances does require some work. But that is the whole point! If you can do the work to transform your thinking and increase the amount of time you spend feeling positive emotions, you will completely change your life.

2. Thinking Right
One of the biggest tools for making you feel better, is thinking better thoughts. Believe it or not, but your thoughts create your feelings. If you think negative, disempowering and fearful thoughts all the time, you are going to feel pretty crappy right? Again, shifting your thinking from the negative to the positive will take some work, but as I said previously that is the purpose of this project - to make long term, transformational changes to your inner world.

Thinking right involves focusing on all the good things, appreciating what is wonderful with your and your life, seeing the good in others, keeping your mind on what you do want and off what you don't want, choosing loving thoughts over fearful thoughts, perceiving yourself in empowering ways, and being grateful for what you have and what is going well in your life. Keeping your mind on the
right thoughts requires a lot of work, but the results are well worth it. 
3. Releasing Resistance
Throughout the project, you will need to become aware of your
resistant thoughts, so you can then work at releasing them. What are resistant thoughts? They are thoughts that are negative and block what you want from coming to you. They are thoughts that sabotage you and prevent you from moving forward. They are thoughts that create feelings in you such as fear, doubt, anxiety, worry, anger, jealousy, bitterness and resentment.

You cannot expect the Universe to be able to bring you beautiful, magical experiences when you are harbouring resistant and negative feelings. This is the biggest and most important aspect of the inner work that must be embarked on. There is no point setting lots of wonderful desires and intentions if you are just going to sabotage them through your negative beliefs. I am telling you now, clearing up your inner blocks is not easy. It takes courage, perseverance, the ability to let go and a willingness to change. But getting rid of old baggage that is holding you back, is one of the biggest benefits of a 100 Day Project.

4. Manifesting
Manifesting, is the art of turning your dreams from ideas and visions in your mind, to realities that you live out and experience in your world. As I have mentioned previously, there is a difference between manifesting, and making things happen. Manifesting involves your working in cooperation with the Universe and listening to it's guidance. Your ability to manifest is based on the 3 areas mentioned above - feeling good, thinking right and releasing resistance. When you start your project, you will want to set intentions for what you want to manifest.

Then, once you are clear on what you want to create, you work involves the following; feel good about your desire, believe in it, know it is already yours, expect to see it show up around you, love and appreciate where you are even though you do not have it yet, remove doubt and worry about whether or not it will happen, focus on your intentions and visualise the end result, act as if it has already happened and feel the feeling of having it, and then let go and just allow the Universe to bring everything together.

So, that is all well and good, but perhaps you are wondering how action fits in to the manifesting equation. As soon as you have an inspired idea or pull to act in a new way,
you must do it, immediately! You must act when you feel inspired or nothing will happen. When you are tuned in to your energy and your intuition, you will be able to know when it is the right time to act and when it is not. 

How do I implement the 100 Day Project? Check out Part 2 of this post where I cover HOW to implement your very own 100 Day Project!

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