26 January 2011


Today I want to share my thoughts on a shifts that I believe is happening to us collectively. It is a change that is beginning in each of us as individuals, but will then expand outward from each of us to affect the world around us. 

I do not know or understand exactly what is going on with the human race and our planet Earth at the moment. Everything seems to be pretty unpredictable and chaotic. All I know is that something is happening around me and things are changing. Something is also stirring inside me and I see it in others too. It seems that we are being pushed to change. We are being called to wake up and start doing things differently. Life just doesn't seem to be working like it used to. There seems to be so much suffering and the Earth is no longer tolerating our abuse. I feel that we are reaching a climax, and something has got to give. 

There is a new alternative being born. A new way of seeing the world is developing and many of us are being called to live in a new way of being. Our old world and the old ways of being are dissolving and it's structures are falling apart. A space is being created for some new foundations to be layed. If we wish to go with this change, and integrate the new possibilities coming forth, we are going to be required to make some inner changes.  

The Shift
After many years of living in a certain way, there are a lot of messages, signs, and inner nudges at the moment that are calling me in a different direction. I believe these inner callings are a reflection of a larger call for global change. 

Historically, we have lived in a very Ego driven society overruled by a strong dominant masculine energy. We have created many amazing things through the use and application of this energy, but we have also destroyed a lot of things and created much suffering for ourselves and the other beings that inhabit this planet. 

This energy has been one of action, hard work, struggle, power and we have made things happen in the world through force. Many of us have been taught to live in fear, and to act out of fear to protect ourselves or gain some form of material security or status. We have been disconnected from each other and have fought and competed in this world to get what we want. 

Our minds have been focused on "What is in it for me? and  "What can I get?" We have been totally outwardly focused and have been on an endless search of doing and acquiring in order to obtain the elusive happiness that we so desperately crave.

There is a different way of being that is possible, and it is now becoming the only alternative if we wish to heal ourselves and our planet. This change involves the following inner shifts; 

From Living from Ego to Living from Soul
From Fear to Love
From Masculine to Feminine 
From Mind Driven to Heart Driven
From Doingness to Beingness
From Living in Struggle to Living in Flow 
From Separateness to Connectedness 
From Inner Pain to Inner Peace 
From Competition to Cooperation
From External Focus to Internal Focus

There is a lot that needs to be explored to fully explain and make sense of this shift. For those who wish integrate these changes, it is a personal and intimate journey that is unique to each individual. However, one key theme that I am hearing about a lot at the moment, and that I believe is the one thing that will make the biggest difference to our planet and our society, is love.  

Living a Life of Love
Love is the most healing power on the planet. It brings people together. It opens our hearts. It destroys the walls and barriers that disconnect us from each other. It aligns us with our Soul. It makes us feel happy. It taps us in to our full potential. It is our true nature. It is who we really are.

Bringing more love in to your self and your life, and giving more love out to the world around you is the fastest way to make progress in the shift. When there is love in your heart, you cannot feel anger, hatred, or jealousy and you cannot be mean to others or yourself. Love is the light that disolves all darkness.

Loving Intentions
Just yesterday, I wrote an entry in my journal about what I want to commit to doing to bring more love in to my life and create a happier life. Part of this process involves creating new ways of
thinking. New thoughts, breed new actions. So when you bring more loving thoughts in to your mind, you will find your actions are more driven by love also.

Below are some loving intentions that you can begin to use if you are wanting to make the shift to living a life of love. Use these any time you find you are losing touch with that warm, whole and loving energy that always exists inside you.

  • Every day it is my intention to experience as much love and happiness as possible
  • When I look in to the world, I see and find only the things that I like. I take out what I like about each experience and give my focus to that
  • I appreciate the beautiful and wonderful things I see around me
  • I find greatness in things even if they do not initially appear that great. 
  • I am thankful for every gift the Universe gives me no matter how small
  • I put love in to all that I do
  • I put my best in to all that I do
  • I focus on what I like in others
  • I keep my attention on what I do want and do love and where I am going
  • I am kind, patient and compassionate with others
  • I do not worry about the outside world. It does not matter where the Universe places me, as I love everything and I can find love in everything
  • If I let go of negative thinking, doubt, fear, and all other limiting beliefs, all that will be left is love, as this is my true essence.
  • I am at peace and I have a calm, peaceful mind that has a balanced perspective
  • I notice and appreciate all the things I love about me
  • I love each moment for what it is
  • I know I am in the perfect place at all times
  • I express deep heartfelt gratitude for all my life's gifts
  • I am flexible and adaptable and no matter where I am going or what I am doing, I pour love in to it
  • I easily feel love for others as I see the best in them and have compassion for their journey
  • We are all equal and we are all one
  • I love and accept myself completely, deeply and unconditionally


  1. I love your posts! All of your posts! It's like you're giving me directions! So simply! I need to reread it when I'm back home!

    Love it!

    How are you doing these days beautiful? Is it warm in Australia? Coz in Poland is quite cold and snowy! brr!

  2. This is such a lovely post about love! You are amazing and your positivity is infectious! :)

  3. Beautiful. What a wonderful reminder that a shift in thinking can make all the difference. Thank you!

  4. Glad that I found your blog !

    Another inspiring blogger in the blogosphere !

    Love it !!!!

  5. Hey Connie, come back! I miss your posts! Bex :)



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