25 March 2010


There is no more powerful feeling than connecting with someone on a soul level. When this happens there are no barriers or ulterior motives, it is just true, genuine connection. I have met many new people recently, and the thing that has surprised me is how many of them I have been instantly able to connect with.

Through my own inner work I have began to shift from living from my ego which is driven by fear, judgment, competition, arrogance and power, to living from the soul which is pure love, acceptance, truth, openness, and oneness. This work has allowed me to relate to people in a whole new way, and has meant I can connect soul to soul without the barriers that the ego imposes.

Connecting from the heart and soul feels so different to the connections you create when you live from the ego and connect via the personality. These connections can sometimes feel fake or superficial and you may not feel like your real self or truly feel at ease when you are around these people. When you live from a place of authenticity in yourself you have the ability to attract genuine, real people in to your life who will actually bring out the best in you, support you and assist you in your soul's journey. There is an instant feeling of peace, ease and knowing that arises.

I have been able to meet people and instantly know that they will be a long lasting friend. I have been able to form deep bonds, speak from the heart, and reveal long held secrets after meeting them once. When you get your ego out of the way, all that is left is your soul, and when you connect on a soul level you are able to completely be your real self and experience the feeling of true connection.

I want to mention 3 amazing women who I have been able to connect with in just this way. I felt drawn to each of these women when I first came in contact with them, and it was definitely my heart, rather than my head that lead me to them. There are so many wonderful people that have impacted my life recently, but the women I want to give a shout out to today are Gabrielle Aitken, Nicci Gafen and Kate Quinn.

Gabrielle Aitken www.aprelo.com
I met Gabrielle at a raw food event hosted by Miss Organic (aka Nicci Gafen). Gabrielle has a beautiful site called Aprelo which promotes the simple, yet beautiful message of Appreciate. Respect.Love. I hardly had much of a chance to speak to Gabrielle on the night I met her, but as soon as she told me about Aprelo, something in my heart spoke up. I knew that she was going to be someone I was going to stay in touch with. As she spoke about her site, she exuded such a strong passion and love for spreading this beautiful message and this resonated with me on a soul level. I would love for you to check out her site, not only because of the wonderful and mind opening information it contains, but also because it features a few of my posts from this blog. Gabrielle was kind enough to ask me to feature some of my writing on her gorgeous site and for that I feel very privileged and blessed. You will find my articles about creating inner happiness and following your heart here.

Nicci Gafen www.missorganic.com.au
When I first saw Nicci Gafen, I was literally pulled to go and speak with her. She was working at the local markets selling health foods and as soon as I spoke with her I knew we would be friends. Once again something about her resonated so deeply with me and I was overwhelmed by her passion and love for her work. Nicci now runs the very successful organic home delivery business Miss Organic. I met Nicci at a time where I was learning how to reconnect with my true passions in life, and as a result I was able to connect with her from the soul. She is a shining and beautiful example of a woman who is living on purpose and following her passion. She lives and breathes for her work and her message and lives every day with the intention to improve the health and lives of everyone she comes in contact with. If you live in Melbourne, I would highly recommend her service for the freshest and yummiest organic produce going around!

Kate Quinn www.katequinn.net
They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear and this is exactly what happened to me with Kate. At the time that I came across Kate's work I was in a deep place of inner searching. I had been exploring the use of raw foods in my life to help me experience a greater sense of health and wellbeing and I was contemplating beginning a new career as a life coach. At the exact time that I needed it, I happened to stumble across Kate's blog and discover that not only was she a raw food teacher and editor of Living Raw Magazine, but she was also a life coach! One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was beginning my coaching sessions with Kate. These sessions have lead me through layers of myself that I didn't even know existed. I have been able to reveal deep barriers that have been stopping me, I have shone the light on old outdated belief systems, and gained a new found clarity on what I want in life. Kate's genuine, gentle and heart felt approach supported me though an intense time of change and her powerful skills as a coach have helped propel me forward to a new level of being. If you are interested in life coaching, raw foods, or just finding more love and inspiration in your life, please check out Kate's site.


  1. Each of these sites/people seem very inspiring. You are so lucky to have them in your life. And they are lucky to have you. What a nice way to show gratitude.

    It is very true that once your ego is out of the way you can make deeper and more authentic connections, especially when other people are coming from the same place. How amazing that's it working out so well for you. Kudos!

    Thanks for being so inspiring. XO

  2. This is truly such a wonderful post. Thank you so much for writing it.

  3. Thank you so much for your beautiful, kind words Connie. You're an amazing and truly inspirational woman and I certainly feel lucky to have met you.

    Nicci is also a truly amazing person who is so clearly living her passion and purpose and this is reflected in the delicious high quality organic produce I receive from Miss Organic every week. I don't know Kate, she too sounds very inspirational and someone I would love to meet! I love people who are true to themselves and living their passion and purpose.

    Apreloblog.com is the site you have seen that features your beautiful blogs and Aprelo.com, where people will be able to buy fabulous rings and t-shirts that inspire appreciation, respect and love, will be live very soon!

    Thanks again for mentioning me and thank you for sharing your authentic and inspirational thoughts and messages in your blogs. I always love reading them.


  4. Thank you so much for the kind words. stick around, I'm quite the character sometimes!!

    You're blog is very ZEN, i love it! great content and visually stimulating as well!

    Happy Monday



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