29 May 2013


Welcome to a life of perfect days. Thank you so much for stopping by!

My name is Connie, and I began this blog back in 2009 to share my learning's and my journey of self-transformation. I wrote on this site for 3 years and over this time I grew powerfully in my self and made several profound shifts in my life.

My journey on this blog, lead me to training to becoming a life coach, quitting my day job and launching in to setting up my own business. 

As part of my own evolution, and the growth of my business, in 2013 I launched a new website conniechapman.com

This site is an empowering online space full of resources and wisdom for people wanting to live a happier, more fulfilling and magical life.

As a result, I have ceased posting on a life of perfect days but I have decided to keep the site active for anyone who would like to read through my archive of posts on here. 

If you wish to stay up to date on my latest articles, programs and events, come on over to conniechapman.com and share the journey with me. 

You can also enter your details below to gain instant access to my free ebook, The 12 Step Dream Creator Guide and you will also receive my weekly inspiration note delivered to your inbox.

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I look forward to seeing you over at my new site!

Connie x

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