08 January 2012


I don't know about you, but I am totally and utterly psyched for 2012. I think this is going to be a rocking year and I can definitely feel an electric energy in the air already.

For me, this is a year of many new beginnings. It is the year that I will be following my heart, letting go of what is familiar and embracing a life full of daring moments. I am stepping up and playing full out and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make my dreams a reality.

So, what does this mean for a life of perfect days? Well, I also have a lot planned for this little blog of mine, so watch this space! Firstly, if you have not yet noticed, the blog has undergone a new year makeover. I hope you enjoy the brighter colours and new layout.

This year, I will be bringing you a new energy, a fresh approach and more content, more frequently. You will still get your usual dose of inspiration + wisdom + tips for a wonderful life. But it will now come to you in some different and exciting ways.

You will also be hearing from other people, rather than just me. I have lined up a handful of fantastic contributors who will be bringing you inspiring and thought provoking content to help you make 2012 your best year yet.

So, here is your first sneak peak. This is my new series of posts which will become a regular segment on the blog: PERFECT DAY TIPS.

Seeing this blog is all about living a life of perfect days, I thought why not create a series of posts full of tips to create your most beautiful and perfect day. I will be sharing photos, advice, recommendations as well as practices that I use in my own life to make each day, the best day possible.

Some of these tips may resonate with you, and some may not. But each of them are there to be tried, tested and explored. They are practices that I know work for me, and that I hope will work for you too.

So, without further adieu, here is the first tip for you...


A lot of people encounter a bit of a block when it comes to meditation. Many people feel that they cannot possibly sit still for even a few minutes. Or even if they can sit, they find it impossible to quiet or slow their mind enough to actually meditate.

Here is the deal: meditation is not about being perfect. It is simply about creating some time and space for yourself.

People also often wonder if they are doing it right. Or they say "how will I know that I am actually meditating?" Again, the point of meditation is not to adhere to any particular method and there is not right or wrong way.

+ Slow your mind
+ Reconnect with your body
+ Become aware of your breathing
+ Create quietness
+ Embrace stillness
+ Detach from your thoughts

+ Practice: Simply start by making time to sit in quietness for 5 minutes each day. Some good times to do it are in the morning after you wake up or before bed. Do not worry if your mind is whirling at a thousand miles an hour. Just start by building the habit of sitting in stillness each day.
+ Use guided meditations: I love to use guided meditations with music and some audio as I find it easiest to slow my mind when I have something to focus on. I use Gabrielle Bernstein's meditations (see pic above) which you can download them here.
+ Focus on your breath: As you are meditating you will likely catch yourself getting caught up in your thoughts. If this happens just gently bring your attention back to your breathing. Put your attention on the sensation of air coming in and out of your nose, or of your belly moving in and out.
+ Gradually increase your time: Once you feel comfortable sitting for 5 minutes, try sitting for 10. Then once you a comfortable with 10, sit for 15. Like any new habit, it takes practice. But if you can persevere you will find that over time it will become much easier.

So, let me know how you go! I would love to hear your experiences. 

+ Do you have a regular meditation practice?
+ What methods/techniques do you use to help you?


  1. I love the idea of 'perfect day' tips Connie and the makeover looks gorg! p.s. I use Gabrielle's meditations too, i find it so much easier to release my thoughts and clear my mind with her guides. Brooke x

  2. thanks brooke! so glad you like the new look. how wonderful are gabrielle's meditations! my favourite is the feeling meditation on her first album. i often replay it several times and it gets me in to an amazing zone. thanks for your lovely comment xx

  3. I love your blog and the new look! I'm excited to see the changes coming. I've recently fallen in love with meditation and actually use Gabrielle's guided meditations as well. :)

  4. hi april, glad you like the new look! I just had a little look at your blog too, and it is wonderful. awesome to hear that you are also a fellow gabby b meditation lover! Thanks for stopping by xx

  5. meditation and relaxation helps.but for me the most important thing is to find my daily dose of inspiration - i love doing it during my morning workout, its like self talk. i speak to myself and i feel much better.

  6. oh i love that!!! what a beautiful combination - affirmations + exercise. i so agree that starting the day with positive self talk, affirmations and things that inspire you really helps. Wonderful!!!! xx



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