30 October 2011


Do you ever have moments where you feel a bit blah? Maybe these moments last for a whole day, or maybe they just come and go. Either way, when they happen, they are not much fun. 

I call this a
negative funk. When I get in one, I feel stagnant and I lack inspiration. My usual upbeat, positive vibe seems out of reach. Instead, I feel zero motivation, and my mind just seems to go round and round on a negative loop.

What do you do when you fall in to a negative funk? Do you allow yourself to wallow in negativity until something outside of you changes to make you feel better? Or do you look inside to figure out what is going on and commit to doing something positive and proactive to turn it around?

When it comes to what I write on this blog, I practice what I preach. Everything I write here I use in my own life. I can honestly say that I used to be one of those people that would frequently experience these funks. And when I did, I would do very little to change it. I did not know then, what I know now - that I actually have the power and ability to change my state, and eliminate my negativity if I choose.

The Cause of Negative Funks
Over the years, I have found these negative funks are more likely to arise when I am getting
comfortable. When I am feeling a little lazy, I allow life to just run on auto pilot for a while. I just go through the motions, follow my habits and react to situations as they arise.

In these instances, my unconscious mind takes over and begins to run the show. The danger with this, is that many things lie in your unconscious mind that you are not even aware of. They may be old outdated limited beliefs, fears, unsupportive habits and old behaviours from the past that no longer serve you. When you live like this, it is impossible for you to create amazing new experiences and opportunities. Instead, you become stuck in a total rut and life feels like it is playing like a broken record.

Living Consciously
So, here is the good news. In order to turn around your negative funk, all you have to do is the complete opposite. You have to
become conscious. What does this mean? It means, making a choice! Living consciously means you choose how you want to live and you commit to making it that way.

Living Consciously =

  • Consciously and deliberately choosing your thoughts
  • Choosing to take actions that you know will serve you
  • Choosing to create new habits that will take you where you want to go
  • Being aware of what is going on in your mind
  • Creating your life proactively, rather than just reacting to what is happening

How to Break Your Negative Funk!

You have the ability to break your funk, and it is as simple as choosing to become more conscious of what is going on in your head. There are also lots of practices that you can use in your life to break your funk. Here are some that I use, that will hopefully be of help to you too!

1. Make The Best Of It
I love the phrase in the photo above - Grow where you are. To me, it can be interpreted to mean, make the best of where you are. Right now, you may find yourself 'planted' in a crap job, a disempowering relationship, or with a small bank account. Rather than getting yourself all upset about how crap it is, why not focus on how you can grow. How an you make the best of where you are? How can you start to turn this around?

In order to move your life forward, you do not need to figure out how to change or fix all of the problems in your life. Instead, simply start by making the best of what you have got. Find ways to start to feel better about where you are. As your energy shifts inside you, the world you you experience it outside of you, will also begin to shift.

2. Ask the Right Questions
When I was contemplating signing up for my Life Coach training, what stopped me was the money. For many months, I worried about how I would manage to pay for it. All my focus was on the reasons why I could not afford it. Then one day, I came across an article about the power of your questions, and I realised I needed to make a change.

Instead of thinking about all the reasons why I could not afford the course, I began asking myself "How can I afford this course? and "How can I find the money for this training?" When I began to ask empowering questions, I began to receive empowering answers. Suddenly, all my concerns around paying for the course shifted. I started to get a lot of new ideas about how I could pay for the course, and I felt a calm sense of knowing that everything would work out perfectly. 

3. Be Willing To Change
It is one thing to want to change in theory, but unless you are willing to do the work, nothing will happen. You must be able to open your mind to new possibilities, be flexible in your approach and allow changes to unfold in your life.

When I want to make a shift in how I am living, I repeat the mantra "I am willing to change" everyday. I take it in to the shower with me, I repeat it as I stretch in my yoga poses, and I say it in my mind as I walk to work. You have to be willing to change the way that you are thinking about something in order for anything to shift.

4. Choose New Goals
I tend to get in to a bit of a slump when I have no real direction. I find that I just react to life, rather than deliberately creating intentionally. It is important to ensure you are always growing and challenging yourself. So, you must continue to set goals that stretch you and take you to new places.

When you are working towards a new goals, you mind is focused on something positive and constructive. You must keep yourself focused and determined. This mental state helps prevent negative funks, as you are optimistically looking towards your future achievements. if you do not currently have a list of compelling and exciting goals that you are working on, it might be a good idea to sit down and write some.

5. Journal Positivity
When I want to bring more positivity in to my life, I like to carry a journal with me at all times. Whenever something positive happens in my life, or I feel good about something, or I notice something awesome, or I find something to appreciate, I write it down.

This is an extremely powerfully tool. Not only does it shift your energy to a more positive place during the day, but you will find that you start to notice the positive things in your life more easily. I also recommend reading over it at the end of the day, to boost your positive energy vibe!

6. Create a Morning Routine
The way that you start your day, has a significant effect on how the rest of it unfolds. it is important to take time each morning, to tune yourself in to a positive state.

The way I spend my morning tends to change and vary, but it always involves me getting up before the sun rises. I know this is a challenge for some people, but it is one of the most beneficial habits you can create. At the moment, I use this morning time to exercise at the gym. I never thought I could exercise in the mornings, but I am now converted  and I absolutely love it.

At other times of my life, I have used this morning time to meditate, journal, set intentions for the day, review my goals and do a bit of visualisation. These practices set you up in a positive vibe for the day, and get you living consciously, deliberately and with purpose.

7. Think in Baby Steps
If you're sitting in a place of depression, anger or fear, it can be pretty hard to jump straight in to a place of joy, happiness and optimism. So, I suggest taking baby steps with your thinking.

Start by trying to think about the situation in a way which feels
a little bit better that what you're thinking now. Then, add another positive thought, and then another. Add in thoughts of compassion, forgiveness, faith, love, abundance, peace, kindness and generosity. Allow yourself to get on a bit of a roll with your positive thoughts and gradually your energy will shift.

8. Ask for Guidance
Now, I am not religious, but in challenging times, I pray. I do not pray to God necessarily, nor do I beg for help. I simply talk to that higher part of me that often has all the answers. I sit quietly and I ask for guidance. I ask for support and assistance. Although this is quite a spiritual practice for me, it does not necessarily have to be. It is as simple as acknowledging that there is a greater power at play in our universe that has the ability to step in and guide us when we need it most.

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  1. You are right on the mark about the negative funk. Becoming too comfortable with life, is almost too dangerous. We always need just a little bit of incentive, a little voice inside our heads letting us know, we've got so much more to achieve, so many more goals to reach and so on. As long as we are striving to grow, we can keep the positivity and hope alive. Lovely post. :)



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