21 August 2010


I love evolution. Not the type evolution we studied in science class, but rather the evolution of ourselves and our lives - our own inner evolution. Our self-progression, our metaphorphasis, our development.progression, 

I also love growth and change, which is a big part of self-evolution. I am not one who can stay still for long. As soon as things start to feel stable I feel like I am stagnating. I love nothing more than mixing it up, getting out of my comfort zone, and forcing myself to grow. As much as I crave peace and stability I think I have a strange addiction to chaos. For me, the chaos is the perfect leaping off point for change.

At the moment, I am witnessing significant evolution occurring in my life, and I can also see it happening in the world around me. Chaos is everywhere, but I feel that the outer instability is actually a calling to evolve.

Evolution is happening in quite an unconventional manner at the moment. This is true in my own life too. While I seem to be heading exactly where I want to be going, it is definitely not all happening in the way that I thought it would! I think this is true in the world as well. We are being called to make a change, yet none of us can predict how this next stage of our evolution will unfold.

I find my ability to trust the natural evolution of life such a comforting concept in challenging and unstable times. I am sure you can look back over experiences in the past where you were unsure how something would turn out, and then it actually all turned out ok. Or how you met someone thinking they were just another person, but today they are now one of the most important people in your life. Or how you took a risk at something not knowing what would come of it, but it actually lead you to exactly where you needed to be.

We can allow more effortless evolution to happen in our life when we are willing to
not know. It can be scary, but sometimes in life you just have to show up, be willing and open, and allow things to just unfold without knowing how they will. However, as you start to have more experiences where things do actually turn out ok, you start to build a faith and a trust in this amazing process.

I have mentioned previously that I am a bit of a control freak, and I like to be able to plan and predict how something will turn out. I often weigh pro's and con's and over-analyse all options so that I can actually predict the correct path or control the outcome. I am learning however, that things don't always go as you plan, and very often you have to completely throw the whole plan out the window.

So, instead I am learning to just flow with the natural evolution of things. Some things grow and some things die. New things start and old things end. The best way to evolve is to flow. You cannot cling to things that are gone, and you cannot force things that are not meant to be. It is like a river running downstream - its flow is so natural and effortless and if you just go with it, it will carry you. But if you try to go against it or change the route you will endure pain, exhaustion, struggle, strain and stress. It is always much easier to just let go and flow.

I have learned this the hard way as my best laid plains have come undone. Sometimes
my way is not the best way. I learned this the hard way. For a while there it seemed I was getting hit over the head repeatedly in order to get me to wake up. I was being told to just stop. Stop trying to make things go your way, and instead allow them to unfold the way they are going to.

This requires a level of trust, of peace and of acceptance. It is about accepting the
now. Accepting what is happening. Sure, you can have preferences and you can want things to go a certain way, but you must not become attached to them happening in your way.

I think evolution is inevitable and natural. Things are always moving and changing. But it is
how you evolve that matters. Are you pushing, struggling, controlling and trying to make things happen your way? Or do things feel like they are all unfolding exactly as they should just at the right time that they should.

It is not about letting go of all the things you want and just being a leaf in the wind being blown around with whatever is happening. You can still have dreams and goals. You can want things. But I think the key to natural evolution is to focus on
what you want rather than how you are going to get it.

I have found the best way to do this is to simply just focus on my
end result. Things tend to work out the best for me when I simply decide what I want, but then let go of how it is going to happen. Sure, I have to take action, and as opportunities come to me I always embrace them, but I do not become obsessed about how or when it will all fall in to place. If in the end you still achieve the the outcome you want, does it really matter how you get there?

If it is one thing I have learned it is this - very often when you want something new to come in to your life, you are going to have evolve in some way in your self to get it. For example, if you want a promotion, you may have to increase your skill set, learn something new, or change your view of what you are capable of. Or, say you are wanting a relationship, in order to have a successful one, you may have to open yourself up a bit, or learn to be more self-loving or become a better communicator. Every time we want something new in our lives we have to grow and evolve to get it. So, why not make the evolution as effortless as possible!

In order to do this, choose what you want and focus on where you are going, but then allow the evolution of your dreams to just unfold and follow the natural flow of how it is supposed to occur. Refrain from judgement, impatience, analytical thinking or the need to measure how close or far you are from where you want to be. Trust that everything is happening just as it should.

Evolution is beautiful. I love how something can start out as so meaningless and then it blossoms in to something magnificent. It is beautiful to watch things change naturally and effortlessly. It is also amazing when something you wanted does not go as planned, but because of that, some other more perfect option arises.

Be willing and open to experience the natural evolution of life, without judgement or the need to interfere. Hold your vision, embrace the chaos and allow yourself to flow with the natural evolution of your self and your world.


  1. Girl you are so smart! I love reading your blog! I feel like you are talking exactly to me. I want to go through the books and websites you recommend! I am quite similar to you, I think I am addicted to changes!:)

    How are you Sweetie? I hope life is treating you very well!

  2. Hi Connie, thanks so much for your comment. So happy somebody missed me ;))) Write now I am not planning on doing this podcast in english...it is very german, because I do not only talk about conscious living etc. but also about the german health system (I want to fight for the german health security to cover acupuncture), society, a society, where it is all about greed and money, lobbies, etc..and I don´t know too much about international politics and healthsystems....BUT maybe in the future, I am always open to learn. :) and I guess people need to hear stuff like this, so we all can fight for the good things together.:)

    I cannot wait to catch up with your blog. Love your posts so much! Big Hug, Mimi <3



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