14 June 2010


"The Highest Thought is that which contains Joy. The Clearest Words are that which contain Truth. The Grandest Feeling is that feeling which you call Love" - Neale Donals Walsh, Conversations with God.

Our purpose in life is to live in line with this teaching. Only follow thoughts of joy, words of truth and feelings of love.

However, for humans this seems too simple. We would rather complicate things by allowing our mind to get carried away with negative thinking. We complain, we worry, we criticise, we over analyse, we judge, we compare, and we create drama. We allow ourselves to wallow in those bad feelings and we even tend to play them over and over in our minds on repeat. We use our thoughts to torture ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically.

We do not see the damage that we are doing to ourselves and to others. We do not realise the impact our thoughts are having. We are not
aware enough to know that our thoughts create our world.

We must be conscious of what we think. Otherwise our mind will run away with us.

Become Aware

You must begin to become aware of what is going in your head, and then make the conscious choice to actually choose thoughts that are good for you rather than just letting them run on auto pilot. Make the concious choice to only choose thoughts containing Joy, Love and Truth. Don't just react. Don't be too quick to blame others. Don't make everything else wrong so that you can be right. Don't succumb to fear. Don't allow unloving thoughts to pull you down

Rather, always do your best to choose the highest thought about everything. Build yourself up. Praise yourself. Love yourself and others. Be present. Open your heart. Go with the flow. Accept others. Say yes to what comes. Appreciate the beauty around you. Find the good in what you see. Say thank you

Shift Your Thinking 

Making the shift to a new way of thinking requires you to let go of the old and embrace the new. As you begin to change your thoughts, you will begin to change. You will become a different person. You will create a new vision for how you choose to live in this world, and this may require you to go through a bit of an inner spring clean to determine what you need to let go of which is not in line with the new you. You must determine what no longer works and let go of it. If it is not serving you and assisting you in being loving and joyous then it is time to kick it to the curb. This will enable to to make space in your mind and in your life for new thoughts, new actions and new results.

If you are willing to embark on this journey of consciously choosing your thoughts, rather than allowing yourself to be controlled by them, you will soon reach a huge turning point in your life. Once you commit to this practice, you will be given opporunities to integrate and practice what you are learning;

  • You may be given challenges, and be asked to see them as opportunities
  • You be hurt by others, but you will be called to forgive
  • You will be placed in the middle of fear, and be asked to find love
  • You will feel sadness, but you will be encouraged to then create joy
  • You will be put in the darkness, and be asked to shine your light
  • You will be placed in the midst of suffering, so that you can transform it in to peace
  • Your back will be up against the wall, and you will have no choice but to surrender
  • You will have aspects of your external world crumble around you, so that you learn that everything you need is actually inside of you
Be Willing to Change
In order for the world to heal, this is the way we must go. We must drop our arrogant, rigid, stubborn thinking and be willing to be open, receptive and flexible. We must be willing to make the move to conscious and deliberate thinking. This involves being aware of your thoughts, monitoring them and then choosing which ones you decide to call your truth. They are not all the truth. Nothing is inherently true until you decide that it is. You must choose which thought to give your attention and focus to. This will determine the success of your life.

Let Go
We somehow get very attached to our thoughts and our beleifs. But this process requires us to let go of them. Let go of thoughts that are not in line with who you want to be and what you want to create in your life. You have allowed your mind to run wild and think whatever it wants. You have been reactive and scared. It is now time to take back the reigns of your mind and hand them over to your higher self.

Does telling yourself that you are not worthy serve you? Does telling yourself that you are not beautiful serve you? Does telling yourself that you are not good enough to have what you want serve you? No. You must choose thoughts that serve and empower you. Choose the highest most beautiful thought about you that you possibly can.

Choose Joy, Truth and Love
What does your higher self say about you? Listen for its guidance. They may be softer, but they will be the highest and most grandest thing you could possibly think. Beleive in these words only. You will know when you hear these words as they will feel good to you. You will feel happy, light, free, excited, energised, passionate, optimistic, confident, calm, powerful and joyous. They will make you feel like anything is possible for you.

So, take back your mind. It is a tool you can use to create your life. Use it wisely. Be aware of what you think and choose your thoughts based on how they feel to you.

Just get quiet and sit, even if it is only for 5 minutes, and listen. Allow yourself to receive. Listen for your highest thought. Follow your grandest feeling. Hear the clearest words.

Be conscious. Choose what you are going to think and who you are going to be. Stop living life on autopilot. Live deliberately


  1. I am blown away by your blog!! AMAZING!!! <3 <3

  2. Connie, your writing takes me to another place every time I read it. You're an inspiration and a gift beyond words.

    I had asked a while ago if you'd do a guest post for me. The offer still stands and I'd be honoured if you'd consider it. :)

    Thanks for your recent comment on my 100 followers post!


  3. Once again I am left pondering the lovely encouraging and inspiring words that call me to action! Beautiful!!!

  4. I really needed to read this text today! I am going through changes, actually I am shifting my way of thinking from good to best:) I ve been lately feeling low and down too much. It must come to the end, I even started to let go a thing after a thing.... you will know what I am talking about after reading my last post.

    I hope you are doing ok Sweetie!

  5. Sweetie I've changed my blog's url! Thought you wanted to update your blog roll!
    www. mademoiselledeva.blogspot.com

  6. Amazing text!So much inspiring!I have noted down some points in my personal diary so that I can go through them and apply when abound in negative thoughts.

  7. hey Connie your blog rocks!! Just found it via our little bride pal's blog and its awesome, will definitely be adding it to my workday reading! x

  8. Aw thanks Bex!!! I appreciate your support. So great to see you on here xxx



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