15 January 2010


Are you interested in improving your physical health, the appearance of your body or in creating a more balanced and healthy lifestyle? If so, here are ten tips that you could commit to taking on board in 2010.

These suggestions are not so much aimed at removing the bad things from your diet or stopping unhealthy lifestyle habits. They are more about what you can add to your life to improve your health and create a more balanced lifestyle.

I have used many of these and they have made big shifts in the quality of my life, my health and have helped me create a more balanced lifestyle. Why not try one or all of them. Or come up with your own...

1. Eat Organic
Do you know that you can get fresh organic produced delivered to your home? I get my organics delivered by miss organic which are a melbourne based company. My first box for 2010 arrived today overflowing with yummy organic goodness. If you struggle with the idea of going out of your way to make it to the markets or an organic supplier, consider getting your produce home delivered. I come home every Thursday to a huge box of amazing produce which means I don't have to go searching around the markets for the best stuff. I love using my produce to make nutritious smoothies, vegetable juices and a daily salad which I take to work. Organic produce is fresher, more nutritious and free from nasty pesticides. With services like this there is no excuse to not start in 2010.You can check out the miss organic website for more information on their company and on the benefits of integrating organic produce in to your life. Or if you're not from melbourne, just simply do a search on the Internet and you will surely find an affordable and easy way to begin eating organic.

2. Add in a new form of exercise

We can get stuck in an exercise rut, so this year why not try something different. Are you yet to try yoga, surfing, or rock climbing? Is there a new fitness goal that you have? Do you normally exercise at the gym? You could try a class you have never done before or why not try exercising outdoors. My new thing in 2010 is boxing classes. Boxing is completely out of my comfort zone and totally not the type of exercise I would normally take on. But I have been hearing people raving about it lately and I think the fact that it is new and exciting will help me jazz up my exercise regime a little. I am a runner from way back, and I enjoy nothing more than running outdoors. But, this year it is time to try something new. Is there something new you are willing to take on this year?

3. Wake up earlier 
Could you commit to waking up half an hour earlier each day? Would that benefit you? What morning practice could you integrate, and how could you best use this time? Some ideas or ways to use that extra 30-60 minutes in the morning include; sitting down and planning your day or setting your goals, making your lunch, exercising or going to the gym, doing some yoga or meditation, reading the newspaper and catching up on current events, getting to work earlier to increase your productivity, getting started on your to do list, or even just relaxing! Since I have committed to waking up earlier my whole life has changed. I now have a valuable morning routine that includes yoga, meditation, journaling and making my lunch. I use this time to set my energy for the day and ensure I head off to work feeling calm and organised.

4. Get to bed earlier
If you want to start to wake up earlier, it may also be helpful to start going to bed earlier. Getting a good night sleep plays a huge role in your health and your ability to feel alert and energised through your day. Even getting to bed 30-6o minutes earlier can help, especially if it is in those precious hours before midnight.

5. Make your lunch each day
This could mean waking up 30 minutes earlier, or you could make it the night before. Make something healthy and nutritious for yourself that you enjoy to eat and save money on buying food at work. I make a salad for lunch in the morning for work. This guarantees that everyday I am getting a dose of raw, healthy organic veggies into my diet. While it may mean that I have to be more organised and get up earlier, I have found the benefits and the money I save to be worth it

6. Go green
Add more green veggies in to your diet. Green vegetables are the most nutritious foods on the planet. Jam packed with vitamins and minerals, they are water rich, alkalising on the body and also very cleansing. You can just work to add in more of them along with your regular meals. You can have your normal dinner but include along side it a big green leafy salad or bowl of steamed greens, have a salad for lunch, or even try a green smoothie for breakfast.

7. Relax 
I have my own little tool box of strategies that I draw on to help me cope with stress. If you find this is an issue in your life, work on integrating some new practices in to your life in 2010 to help you. This may include; journaling, yoga, meditation, walking outdoors, breathing exercises, taking time out on your own, taking regular breaks at work, reading a novel, doing gentle stretching exercises, getting a massage, having a bath etc... Take time to find out what helps you feel more relaxed and make a commitment to include these things in your life daily.

8. Have it raw 
Rather than cooking for vegetables, eat them raw. Eat more fruit. Snack on raw nuts and seeds. Have a freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice or make an all fruit smoothie for breakfast. There are plenty of ways to add more raw foods in to your diet. Eating your food raw keeps them in their natural state so that no vitamins or minerals are damaged during heating. It also keeps all the natural enzymes which means your body doesn't have to draw on its own store of precious enzymes to digest your food. I personally thrive on a high raw diet, and I find eating lots of fresh, uncooked organic fruits and vegetables keeps my body energised, clean and glowing with health.

9. Eat smaller dinners 
Through most of winter I used to eat really big comforting dinners. Although they were usually filled with nutritious things like vegetables and whole grains, I often went to bed feeling full, and as a result I would wake up feeling groggy and unrested. It wasn't until I started changing the way I ate dinner that I started feeling different when I woke up. I now eat a small, light dinner and I eat it early in the evening so I have plenty of time to digest before I sleep. This way my sleep time is dedicated purely to restoration and regeneration rather than digestion. It is amazing how much better you feel in the morning, plus it also helps give you a flatter stomach! It is worth giving a try and seeing if you notice the difference. 

10. Learn more
Learn more about what you are putting in your body. Read labels. Understand what you are eating. Open up to new ideas rather than just eating what you always eat. It is easy to fall in to food ruts and never actually question what we put in our mouth. Become educated about what you are eating and find what works for you. Gain more knowledge on health and nutrition or on exercise and fitness and actually find out what your body needs to thrive. This will help you make food and lifestyle choices that are supportive of your body and valuable to your health.

Enjoy 2010 and do your best to create it as your healthiest year yet!


  1. Great suggestions. I switched to eating organic last year and I will never go back. It is amazing what it can do for the mind, body and osul.

    Love love love your blog. I look forward to reading more in the future!


    Hannah Katy

  2. Connie,
    You have such a great outlook on life - it's just how I see the world on my happiest days. Thanks for sharing, it's wonderful to hear your thoughts! Looking forward to reading more soon.



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