02 December 2009


This is a basic introduction to the power of your thoughts. These teachings are things that I have read over the years that have really resonated with me, and also worked for me when I applied them. I have just put the mere basics down here, but I will continue to expand on these teachings in later blogs. It can sometimes take a bit of time to get your head around these teachings if they are new to you. But once you get a grasp of them and start applying them, they can seriously transform your life.

Law of Attraction: The Basics
Basically, it is all about energy. Everything in the universe is made of energy. It may be very dense energy (objects) or lighter finer energy (emotions) but it is all energy.

There is a teaching called the Law of Attraction (which you may have heard of if you have seen or read The Secret) which governs the way energy moves in our universe. Basically the Law of Attraction is a natural law that manages energy. It is based on the idea that "like attracts like".

Energy that is positive, draws to it more energy that is positive. Energy that is negative attracts more energy that is negative.

So, here is where the thoughts come in. When you think a thought in your mind, you then experience a matching emotion in your body. For example, if you think a negative thought such as "I am ugly" you will most likely feel a negative emotion. It may feel like depression, sadness, fear, anger etc. That e-motion is energy in motion. When you are thinking that negative thought, you are sending out a negative energy from your body. Then the law of attraction will draw more things to you that match that energy or feeling you are giving off. You may attract more negative thoughts, or experiences that make you feel even worse or people who may not treat you the way you deserve.

But at the end of the day, the negative emotion or energy you are sending out is attracting more negative people, places, events, things, circumstances in to your life.

However, if you are thinking a positive thought such as "I love how I look today" then you are probably be going to be feeling pretty good about yourself. You will be feeling a positive e-motion such as happiness, self-love, joy or confidence. You are now thinking a thought that is sending out a positive energy in to the world. Now, the law of attraction will start to draw more things of a matching positive energy to you. You may find that people are nicer to you, or you get some compliments that make you feel good, or you attract some circumstance or event in to your life that makes you feel even happier.

You see, the worse you feel, the worse it gets. But the better you feel, the better it gets! Positive thoughts create positive circumstances and attract positive people. Negative thoughts create negative circumstances and attract negative people.

So pay attention to what you are thinking because your thoughts are creating your world! Your thoughts and the emotion or energy they create in you, are determining what you are attracting in to you life. Pay attention to how you feel! Think things, say things and do things that make you feel good. If you are giving off a positive emotion you are going to be drawing more good feeling things to you.

So, enjoy experimenting with this, and see if it works for you!

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