26 December 2009


Is there a link between what goes on in your mind and the health of your physical body? The practice of mind-body medicine works on the theory that your thoughts and emotions have a powerful ability to influence your physical health. Rather than treating the symptom of the disease, it is the root cause that is considered important.The location of the cause is believed to be in the mind. In mind-body theories links are made between thoughts, emotions and beliefs and the specific physical conditions manifesting in the body. Negative emotional states and mental patterns are believed to play a role in the creation of physical disease.

I have been reading about these theories for years, but it was only the other day that I started truly believing. I had an amazing experience where I was able to make a headache completely disappear in 5 minutes by releasing a negative emotion and thought pattern that I was holding on too. Not only did I make the headache go away, but I went from feeling tense, stressed, grumpy and in terrible pain, to light-hearted, happy, positive, relaxed and with a completely clear and focused mind. I will share with what I did as I would love for every person in the world to know about this tool and to be able to use it in their own life.

How I healed my headache in 5 minutes 

The technique I used is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This technique can be used to heal anything that has an emotional origin, from headaches, to overeating, to addictions to stage fright. While I will not go in to full detail here of how I used the technique, I will tell you this;

This was my 3rd headache for the week. I had terrible pain behind my eyes, down my neck, and my whole body felt tense and tight. I couldn't understand what was causing the headache. I had been eating well for the past few weeks, drinking plenty of water and getting more than enough sleep. I even tried taking painkillers (which I rarely do) but even they didn't work. I decided to try using some EFT as I felt that there may be some emotional issue or negative thought pattern than was causing this. I used this technique for 5 minutes, that was it, and it completely freed my of my headache. I cannot explain what an amazing and immediate transformation it was. I had been in pain for hours prior to this. I went from feeling tense, stressed, grumpy, moody, negative, and in terrible pain, to light, positive, happy, relaxed and completely free from any pain at all. Not only did I release the pain, but I was able to get absolute clarity as to what it was that was going on in my mind that was causing this tension. I was able to see that I was thinking fearful, disempowering thoughts that I was trying to suppress. My body was attempting to communicate to me through my headache that there was something going on that needed to be cleared and healed.

This may seem a little out-there and unbelievable, but it is true. It is worth testing for yourself. This experience was extremely powerful for me, and was enough to convince me wholeheartedly that negative emotions in the body which are suppressed and not released, manifest as physical disease, pain or ill-health in the body.

Your body talks to you 

Your body uses symptoms, pains, pangs, discomfort, aches and various other sensations to communicate to you. It tells you when something you have eaten isn't right, it tells you when you're dehydrated, when your tired and when your immune system is not being supported. It also tells you when you are not thinking right. We are so conditioned to try to suppress any negative sensation that comes up in our body. We do not want to have to feel it, so we take a tablet to make it go away. The problem is that if you keep ignoring your bodies messages and suppressing them, it is going to have to find other ways of communicating with you. It may create even more pain, more discomfort, or a more serious condition in order to get your attention.

The emotions you feel greatly affect your body too. Emotions such as love, peace, joy and gratitude, create feelings in the body of softness, ease, warmth, fullness, energy and lightness. But, if you were to think of something that worries you or makes you angry you would feel that these emotions have a different affect on your body. If you really allowed yourself to feel the negative emotion, you would feel you physical body start to change as a result. You may feel tenseness in your face or shoulders, your posture may slouch, you may feel tightness somewhere inside you, you may feel yourself clam up, close off or freeze up.

Your physical body is not exempt from the Law of Attraction. What you think about in your mind, not only manifests in the world around you, but also manifests in your physical body.

If you are interested in learning more about the connection between the thoughts you think and the health of your body, please check out the following;

Emotional Freedom Technique 

There are numerous resources available on this topic from books, websites, you tube clips, or even courses that you can take. Below are a couple of links to demonstrations and practices of EFT that you can watch and use. This is where I started out with EFT myself and it is a great place to learn how to start trying the technique out for yourself. Here are some sites with great demonstrations that you can follow along with;


Louise Hay - You Can Heal Your Life
Louise Hay mainstreamed the idea that your thoughts create physical manifestations in the body through the best selling book You Can Heal Your Life. She teaches her clients how to use positive and empowering affirmations in place of their negative thinking in order to heal physical conditions. She was able to cure herself of cancer by identifying the emotional cause behind her cancer and then using various techniques to release and heal negative memories, thoughts and emotions. Her book is a must read. She not only shares her personal story, but provides a wide range of tools and techniques that can be applied to your own life. She also details what specific thought patterns create corresponding physical conditions in the body such as back pain, arthritis, skin conditions, cancer, diabetes, digestive problems, poor eyesight and heart disease.

The Secret 

In this movie, stories are shared by people who were able to make changes to their physical bodies and heal their chronic physical conditions through the use of the mind. I recommend that every person see this movie, not just for the health aspect but because the whole movie is overflowing with wonderful wisdom on the power that the mind has in all areas of our life.

Brandon Bays - The Journey
I read the book The Journey from cover to cover in one sitting. I was mesmerised by this lady's story of how she made a tumour the size of a basketball disappear from her body without any medical treatment. Brandon tells the story of how she discovered that the cause of her tumor was an old childhood memory that was suppressed and stored inside her body. By using various natural therapies and modalities Brandon was able to heal the painful memory and release the energy that was being stored in the tumor inside her stomach. Once the emotion around the old memory was healed and released the tumor began to shrink and eventually disappeared.

The power of belief

Belief is one of the most powerful factors in healing, and has even been proven in modern medicine through the Placebo Effect. What you think and believe about your self and your body is important. If there is a condition in your body that is bothering you, hold a vision of yourself free of this condition. Take your attention off continually thinking and talking about what is going wrong in your body, and instead think about health. Notice all the things in your body that are working and that are perfect and healthy, rather than the things that aren't. Think about the healthy body you want to have and through the law of attraction you will begin to manifest the experience of a healthier body.

If you are interested in these topics, do some of your own reading and research and try out a few techniques to see what works for you. You may initially feel doubtful or skeptical of these new ideas, but I encourage you to find your own truth. Open your mind, try something new, think something different. Entertain the possibility that perhaps the thoughts you think have a much greater influence on your body than you have been lead to believe.


  1. Another great blog Connie. I was looking into EFT a little while back but never realy tried it out. Thanks for the youtube links, I cant wait to try them out as I am currently experiencing some realy bad tummy craps, im just wondering if they are because I ate too much over the festive season,hehe, however, I have an idea about why I am getting them at the moment.

    Keep up the great blogging, its realy coming along well :)

  2. But how do you know all this is true????



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